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by Aleta Saeger June 15, 2020 2 min read

The Everest team always has our ears to the grindstone and recently we were privy to a very special piece of news: Tudor is planning on releasing its new models for 2020 in July! Yes, that's right, just a few short weeks away. You heard it here first, folks! Of course we cannot release our sources ever, but we trust this source implicitly and know they are absolutely in the know. Let's take a walk down memory lane of what we could have come a few months ago if COVID-19 did not shake up the entire world and flip it on its head.

First, remember our article about the Tudor Pelagos GMT? HERE it is again for all your reading pleasure. How cool would it be to see this at the local Rolex/Tudor AD?

breaking news tudor new releases

Second, what about a date version of the Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight? UMMMMM….YES!!! 

Lastly, if Tudor plans to release their new watches in July you think Rolex will too? said HERE and we quote: “While an exact date for the 2020 unveilings was not included in Rolex’s official statement, the brand is expected to follow up with further details in the near future.” So maybe we are going to have a great rest of the year dreaming of our position at the local Rolex/Tudor AD wait list going up a few rows.

What do you think of our 2020 Tudor predictions? What would you love to see come out from Tudor this year? Sound off in the comments below!

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Aleta Saeger
Aleta Saeger

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