Tudor 2023 Predictions: Updated Heritage Chronograph

Tudor 2023 Predictions: Updated Heritage Chronograph

The Tudor Heritage Chronograph is an interesting timepiece that many watch enthusiasts love. The prototype of this watch was first released in 1970, but was never actually released until 2010 with a few changes. Because there have been no changes to this watch over the last thirteen years, we believe it would only make sense for Tudor to release an updated Heritage Chronograph model, more specifically the “Home Plate” model.

The Tudor "Home Plate"

Tudor Home Plate Prototype

Image from Hodinkee article about The Tudor Reference 7031

A New Movement for the Tudor Heritage Chronograph

The first update we could see is a change in the movement from the Eta 2894 to the same movement as the Black Bay Chronograph, which is the MT5813. Because of this change in the movement, the case will become a bit thicker because the movement is bigger. This new movement is a benefit because it increases the power reserve to 70 hours and it provides a more robust, accurate movement. Also because of the change in movement, the sub dials on the face of the watch will swap sides. 

Tudor Black Bay Chrono
Image from Gear Patrol article about Review: The Tudor Black Bay Chrono

An Upgraded Appearance for the Heritage Chronograph

The next update you will see is a change in the overall appearance of the Heritage Chronograph. We do not believe there will be any drastic color changes to the watch because the look is so classic. However, we do believe they will update the case and make it look closer to the Black Bay 58. We also believe the dial will increase in size and they could update the hands to the ones similar to the Heritage Chronograph Blue. This is a bit wild, but there is a possibility that they could also change to a fixed bezel and to chronograph markings instead of a 12 hour bezel. 

Heritage Chrono Blue

Image from A Blog to Watch article about Tudor Heritage Chrono

The Tudor Heritage Chronograph is Due for a Modernization

Finally, there will be an increase in price from $4,675 to $5,450 because of the upgrades. Not only that, but we are thinking it would only make sense for Tudor to upgrade the bracelet to a T-Fit Clasp because of the modernization of the watch. This would make it easier for customers wearing the watch to adjust their bracelets on the fly without any tools.  

It would not be shocking if Tudor did release an updated Tudor Heritage Chronograph model. It is a beloved watch among many and it is time for a revamp. I know that I would be very excited to see these changes for this model. So the question is, will Tudor give the people what they want?

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