Are you Rocking the Quarantine Casual Look?

Are you Rocking the Quarantine Casual Look?

With most of the world working from home now, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get up and get dressed everyday. We're hearing disappointing news left and right - like that Rolex is no longer releasing any new models this year. You can read more about that here. Why bother putting on pants when no one will see you from the waist down? Why worry about throwing those button-downs in the wash when you can wear one for your 30 minute meeting, then hang it up and go right back to wearing an old t-shirt? Why pop on your favorite watch and watch band?

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As everyone recovers from the whiplash of being thrust into a new world of homeschooling, virtual meetings, and home offices for all, we also begin to slip into this new norm of dress on a daily basis - setting aside our business casual attire for “Quarantine Casual.” While being able to wake up, brush your teeth, and get going for the day is a tempting habit to fall into, it is important to preserve some semblance of your previous morning routine for many reasons. - including putting on your favorite watch and Everest band. Here are a few…

The first argument in favor of dressing for success is that it sets the tone for your day. Keeping your morning routine intact is something that can help you switch into the right mindset for work and actually helps with productivity. Now, that’s not to say that you need to keep wearing a three piece suit every day when you’re working from home but maybe put on a nice shirt with a blazer and some jeans...and your watch (a must have) and watch band. Need a new one for rotation, check out our collections HERE

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If you’re someone who wears a watch every day, don’t let that change now. Maintaining that habit will also allow you to refrain from checking your phone for the time, meaning that you will remain more focused on the task at hand. You can even dress your watch down a bit by putting a new Everest strap on it to make it a bit more comfortable and match your new dressed-down version of business casual. Our rubber watch bands offer a multitude of colors.

Amidst everything feeling like it’s completely out of our control, picking out an outfit for the day can help combat those feelings a bit. Although everything is different, continuing to wake up and choose a business casual outfit from day to day can make things feel a bit more “normal” - whatever that is now. By waking up, picking out your “work” outfit, and choosing which watch and Everest band to wear that day, you continue to have control over this aspect of your life, which, again, sets the tone for how your day will go. 

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Lastly, in times of uncertainty, it’s easy to fall into a rut. Choosing to dress nice can help you feel more confident. Whether it’s choosing to wear a button-down and slacks, or maybe picking up that BLNR with a blue strap (that you can find here) on it to add a bit of color, choosing something you love will make you feel confident about the day ahead. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to establish or continue a regular routine. You don’t have to dress like you would for the office every day. Some days you might wake up and really want to wear sweatpants, and that’s okay. On those days, just grab a semi-nice shirt and whatever accessories make you feel powerful - your favorite watch, your wedding ring, the money clip your dad gave you - and go kick it.

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