A Week on the Wrist with the Rolex Explorer II 42mm and the Everest Rubber Watch Band

A Week on the Wrist with the Rolex Explorer II 42mm and the Everest Rubber Watch Band

In December of last year, Everest released a curved end rubber strap for the Rolex Explorer II (42mm version that was released in 2011). Everest had already offered a watch band for the previous version of Rolex Explorer II (ref: 16570) here. For years (and I mean years), we have been begged by Rolex watch enthusiasts to create a strap for the ref: 216570 Rolex Explorer II. Finally, it arrived from Switzerland just before Christmas.

explorer 2 42mm watch band

Due to the crazy holiday, I never got the time to actually wear the rubber strap on the watch for more than a few minutes to test the fit and finish. So, I decided on this last trip to Switzerland for production planning to give the new design a whirl for a week of busy travel. Wow. I had no idea what I was missing. This rubber band makes this watch so comfortable, so unique and so cool looking. Instantly, the Explorer II is given a whole new look with this strap, but the comfort is off the charts.

I honestly forgot I was wearing a watch. Due to the thinness of the Rolex Explorer II, the watch already fit under my sleeve really well. Additionally, the watch felt like it was lightened by at least half because of the bracelet/strap swap. Also, the watch band comes with nine hole adjustments and due to the angle off of the case I found it to be easy to fit to my seven inch wrist. I was with a co-worker who of course knows watches and watch bands quite well (we work for a watch band company), and his six and a quarter inch wrist fit it perfectly. He attempted to steal the watch multiple times during our six day adventure in Switzerland. 

watch strap for rolex explorer 2

The rubber is our unique blend of compounded FKM vulcanized rubber material. We have our Swiss rubber molder actually purchase the purest FKM rubber compounds from a Swiss maker. This makes this strap 100% Swiss-made. We are the Swiss-est product on the market!! So, of course we proudly have “SWISS MADE” molded into each side of the watch strap.

Lastly, the strap is incredibly easy to install. I did it in under five minutes. We pride ourselves on making the installation of every watch strap as easy as possible. It is why it takes so long for us to develop our ideas. We are not part of Rolex, so we have to perfectly measure each angle of every watch to ensure that the fit is absolutely perfect. Perfection takes time when you are making a watch strap for a Rolex enthusiast. 

rolex explorer watch band

So, if you are in the market for a rubber watch band or strap for your Rolex Explorer II ref: 216750, look no farther than Everest Horology. Here is a link to the product. Enjoy this beauty for years to come! Click here to learn more.

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  • Art Wong

    I love the look and superior quality of Everest rubber straps on Rolex watches. The curved end looks perfectly mated to the Rolex and reinforces the precision and attention to detail of the brand. I recently acquired a brand new Explorer II and eagerly awaiting an Everest rubber strap that preserves the convenience and security of the Rolex deployment clasp.

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