A Gentleman And His Watch. Ladies, What Is Up With Watches?

A Gentleman And His Watch. Ladies, What Is Up With Watches?

Okay ladies, so we need to understand men and their relationships to luxury watches. Whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift, or you simply want to understand them a bit more based on their pricey timepiece, let’s see if we can figure this out together.

So, these luxury watches are actually quite the fashion. And, not just for men. We’re getting back into the chunky necklaces and large watches being bold statement pieces ourselves. But back to our men and their watches, what says fashion and style more than a beautiful luxury watch on a man’s wrist. Whether we understand the obsession or not, that watch keeps a man respectable, classy. It’s a subtle note that a man appreciates nice things – including yourself.

rolex daytona

What specific watches men wear can give us a little insight into the men themselves. Whether they are flashy or classic, unique or vintage, watches give you a sense of the individuals wearing them. Think about it, even the colors and styles we chose to wear (and have in our wardrobe) can say something about us. Plus, if a man walks around with an expensive watch, he’s invested a lot into it – meaning, he’s at least good at committing to something.

But, if you’re looking to understand more of the men already in your life, here’s an idea. A slightly unique and original gift that keeps on giving is a magazine subscription. I had no interest whatsoever in fancy watches before working at Everest (but I did and still do feel naked without any watch to constantly check the time). There were some watch magazines laying around the office that I picked up and flipped through, and low-and-behold, the magazines were captivating and quite interesting. I got insight into the watch world and learned some new facts and information – always an achievement for the day. You can also always check out our Everest Journal for current and updated information. 

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Anyways…enough about me, let’s get back to figuring out what to get our men whether it’s a grandpa, father, brother, son, husband, boyfriend, etc. So, these watch magazine subscriptions like iWatch or Watch Time are affordable, and it’s a gift that arrives throughout the year.

These magazines are actually interesting to check out new photos of watch releases or simply news about the watch world. Everybody loves to lay out on the couch and flip through a new magazine that arrives snail mail style. And, I’m pretty sure us ladies may at least flip through the magazine if it’s arriving at our doorstep. Then, you’ll at least start recognizing things about watches while your men rattle on about their love of luxury watches like Rolex, Omega, Panerai, Patek Philippe, etc. We’re getting closer and closer to the holiday season, so this is just another idea.

Think about what a particular watch really says about a man…and keep reading Everest Journal for some more great gift ideas for men coming soon!

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