A Completely Ridiculously Fun and Extravagant Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide for watch enthusiasts

We know that 2020 is awful, and frankly it just needs to end and move on. But before 2020 is over, let us see if we can add a little holiday cheer with a gift guide that will make you drool and possibly drain your bank account. This is a list of six items that are simply awesome, and most likely far from almost anyone's reach (if they are possible for you, we are jealous!) Let us begin with something watch related, a Louis Vuitton watch box.

Louis Vuitton Watch Box

1. A Louis Vuitton Watch Case

A LV watch box is about as cool as it gets! The 8 watch case in Monogram Canvas in brown is any Louis Vuitton addict’s dream if they also happen to be a big watch nut. A few details that we love are the Golden Brass edge protectors and locking clasp that keeps the trunk (yes it is a Louis Vuitton trunk) closed. 

The trunk itself holds eight watches perfectly and is perfect for travel in your private plane or Azimut Yacht. It is wrapped in the LV print and edged in a gorgeous brown leather trim with the LV lettering repeated. It's franky awesome, and only the mere price of a nice used car, $7,200.

2. The BillStone Mystery 24 Watch Winder

Who doesn’t love a little mystery in their lives? What looks like your ordinary Madagascar wood and stainless steel “end table” can all of a sudden transform into a top-secret, super highly classified, plush rotating lair for your top 24 mechanical watches. 

With button pushing techniques learned exclusively from James Bond himself (lesson price not included) you can wow your unsuspecting guests by revealing that the “table” is so much more than just a table. Throw in a subtle “abracadabra” and watch your guests revel in awe at your fancy bat cave accessories. 

But wait, there’s more. One more magical touch of a button and poof: the 12 watches you see now swivel out of sight without a trace, only to reveal that on the other side you have 12 more luxury timepieces hiding away. You know how your watches like to be wound, so luckily you can choose to wind them clockwise, counter-clockwise (for the rebellious ones), or bi-directional for those who need it.  

Keep those luxury watches wound AND have a completely normal “nothing to see here” table to set down your Manhattan. At only $18,999, this two-for-one magic trick and panty-dropper is a steal. Plus it’s down from $32,000 (love a good sale!) and because you’re frugal, free shipping. 

Check out the BillStone Mystery Watch Winder here. 

Goyard Watch Winder

3. Goyard Watch Winder

Next on our list of decadent holiday gifts is a watch winder from Goyard. It does not second as a table, or lift up and swivel at the push of a button (lame), but it is incredibly beautiful and does wind your watch. The Goyard brand has become incredibly popular these last few years especially due to its mesmerizing pattern of triangular T’s, that are screen printed on a canvas that has been laminated. This French company has a few high end boutiques in select places such as Paris, Monaco and New York. They make every item in Paris at their workshop and they have sold luggage and travel bags to royalty and the rich and famous.

Check out their latest creation, a watch winder adorned with the beautiful Goyard pattern. We honestly could not ascertain the price, but expect it to be upwards of $5000 USD. If the price isn’t listed on the site, that’s usually a good indication you’re going to cringe a little when you find out.

Burberry Cashmere Scarf

4. Burberry Cashmere Scarf

Taking it down a notch to a gift both more attainable and frankly a little more practical, the classic Burberry Cashmere Scarf for men. Probably the most copied winter scarf ever, one can find the classic tartan plaid in flea markets and cheap shops the world round. However none of those cheap knock offs come close to the original - that can be said for Everest’s rubber straps for your Submariner - the Swiss do it best when it comes to making our Rubber Straps. 

Like Everest’s straps, the scarves are not cheap at $470 USD, but what in life worth buying is cheap? That cost sounds quite high for a mere strip of fabric, but years of use and warmth will let you know that this is a gift that gives for decades.

Ferrari SF90 Spider

5. Ferrari SF90 Spider

Now that we have warmed our neck, let’s blow our hair back with a convertible Ferrari. That is right, a Ferrari. One comes to mind, the Ferrari SF90 Spider. This incredible machine will make life pretty phenomenal once the warm weather comes back, plus if there’s ever a year for a road trip it’s 2020. Drop the top and enjoy the hybrid V8 engine will take you to 60 MPH in 2.5 seconds and will turn heads even faster. 

Did we mention that it is a hybrid car? So you will not have to feel so bad about burning gas, this supercar sips it. Combined with incredible looks and Italian lust you will be guaranteed to not want to put this pony back in it’s stable. At $625,000 USD it might seem like a hefty price tag, but you only live once and this holiday we need to live a little.

6. Bombardier Challenger 605

Lastly, let's fly away. Want to just get out of town, and go international all while avoiding busy, germy airport terminals? We sure do, and what better way to spend this holiday than on your new Bombardier Challenger 605. At a mere 27 Million dollars, you can enjoy freedom that few ever are able to. This incredible jet has a range of 4000 nautical miles and can seat between eight to twelve people depending on the configuration you go with. Even a custom pull out bed and kitchen is available if you so choose. This incredible plane can make your holiday dreams come true, and get you from New York to London on one tank of gas. Wheels up Santa!!

Now that we have cheered you up a bit and given you a few gift ideas to suggest to the significant others, don’t forget to find that perfect stocking stuffer here at Everest. Maybe it's time to try the Orange Rubber for your Explorer II 42mm or that gorgeous travel watch portfolio you have had your eye on? Either way we hope that you can spend the holiday season with those you love. It may require a little quarantining beforehand, but the one thing that is most valuable is time with those you love. Happy Holidays from Everest.

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