A Chronograph to Remember

A Chronograph to Remember

tudor chrono 2021

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Since Daytonas became harder to source than unobtanium, other watch brands are stepping up to fill the void left by Rolex’s heartbreaking supply chain. Earlier this year we saw Zenith try to win the hearts of chronograph lovers, and the response was decidedly mixed. 

Fast-forward to April 7th, 2021. The new Watches & Wonders 2021 had a few releases for us, and Tudor’s among the brands with the most interesting offerings. Along with an 18k gold Black Bay Fifty-Eight and a silver and taupe BB58, Tudor also has released an update to their Tudor Chrono , a watch that should satisfy any hunger for an obtainable Chrono with a solid movement, slimmer styling, two new dial options and a price we love. Let’s dive into all the features that put the new Black Bay Chronograph on our official “to buy” list. 

2021 tudor chrono panda dial

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A Panda Dial 

In 2016, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature took the panda off its Red List, downgrading the animal to “threatened” after a surge in natural population. However, a beautiful panda dial on a watch can sometimes feel like an endangered species. The new Tudor Black Bay Chronograph adds to the proliferation of panda dials by presenting a stellar entrant in 2021. We especially love the softer off-white opaline dial on the Black Bay Chronograph. Or, if you prefer to operate in dark mode, the BB Chronograph also comes in a semi-reverse panda dial, although the subdials are silver rather than white on the black dial model. Tudor also retains the red accents on the chronograph seconds hand and the red model name on the dial. A date window at the 6 rounds out the new design. 

A New Streamlined Case 

Much of the reason the new Tudor Chrono is a must-buy comes down to the streamlined, redesigned case that addresses some of the criticism of the original design. Chronograph movements can be hefty, and the Tudor/Breitling MT5813 was no exception. The original Black Bay Chrono had a high profile on the wrist (nearly 15 mm tall) that appealed to some but turned off others. Even though the case diameter has increased to 41 mm, the shrinking of the case height makes this watch feel more agile and modern. Coming in at the $5k mark, it’s an accessible, striking alternative to more elusive chronographs. 

tudor chrono panda dial 2021

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A Powerful Movement 

Tudor teamed up with Breitling to create the MT5813 in 2017 for the release of the Black Bay Chronograph. They’ve kept that movement in the new release (but slimmed down the case that surrounds it.) We understand that decision, keeping in mind that the MT5813 is a COSC-certified chronometer with a 70-hour power reserve and an accuracy of +2/-4 seconds per day. 

Multiple Strap Options 

Tudor has always recognized that collectors love multiple strap options on a single watch, and they’ve offered many of their watches on leather, fabric, and metal to provide versatility. We love the options on the 2021 Chronograph, including black fabric, a stainless steel bracelet, and a black leather bund strap that provides a fantastic visual frame for the new Chrono dial.  

Everest rubber on 2021 Tudor Chrono

The new 2021 Tudor Chrono looks phenomenal on a black rubber Everest Band. Shop here.

Looking for Straps for This Watch and Other Tudor Models? 

As a strap designer, we’re longtime fans of Tudor’s unique horological offerings. That’s why we offer a variety of rubber, leather, and fabric straps for many Tudor models. From the Black Bay 41 to the Tudor Heritage Chrono, to this brand new 2021 Tudor chronograph, Everest has built long-lasting, custom designed, curved-end rubber straps to fit Tudor watches. With strong construction and matte finishing, our straps are preferred by Tudor collectors for their fit, style, and durability. Order one today to see why our customers make repeat purchases year after year. 


By Meghan Clark 

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