4 of the Best Rubber Straps for Your Rolex Milgauss

4 of the Best Rubber Straps for Your Rolex Milgauss

Rolex makes many awesome watches, but one of the more interesting (and sometimes overlooked) watches in their collection is the Rolex Milgauss. It’s funky, richly colorful, and unique, while also still having the high standard of a Rolex Pedigree under the hood. While many Rolex watches are associated with sports or outdoor activities like diving, exploring, traveling, the Rolex Milgauss is a watch that honors science with its antimagnetic features.

blue rubber strap on a rolex milgauss watch

What does Milgauss Mean?

According to the Rolex website, the “Milgauss” also known as the Oyster Perpetual Milgauss has been a “pioneering anti-magnetic watch designed to meet the demands of engineers and scientists” since its inception in 1956. It can withstand magnetic fields of up to 1000 gauss, and therefore the “mil” in Milgauss is short for “mille” which means 1,000 in French. Gauss is a unit of measurement or unit of a magnetic field, henceforth “Milgauss.” Knowing the history is almost as fascinating as the bright orange lightning bolt hand that adorns the dial.

How to Style your Rolex Milgauss with a Rubber Strap

There are many rubber strap options available from Everest that not only complement this awesome-designed Rolex Milgauss, but also truly enhance it.  With an array of colors and buckle options, a top-rated Swiss-Made Everest rubber watch strap is literally a match made in Rolex heaven.

orange rubber strap for rolex milgauss

If you’re buying or wearing a Rolex Milgauss that means that you are not one who shies away from color, flair, or style. You embrace brightness and you have the confidence to draw attention to yourself and to your wrist. We certainly vibe with that.

Blue Rubber Strap on the Milgauss

First up, let’s strap on a blue watch strap first. Swiss-Made Everest rubber watch bands are offered with a tang buckle, or they can be used with your favorite Rolex deployant buckle. The blue color is available in our newly released short strap version as well. 

blue rubber strap on a rolex milguass

There is something about bright blue that makes us want to jump straight into the pool, or take a walk along the beaches of Miami. We all know that Rolexes pride themselves on having waterproof oyster cases, so all that is missing is a light weight, sporty rubber strap.

blue rubber strap for rolex milgauss worn in the ocean

Everest bands have a unique channeling system on the underside of the tang buckle straps, which functions perfectly for allowing air, water, and sweat to escape.  It also reinforces the holes as well, so you can feel secure in diving right in with your Rolex. On the Milgauss specifically, the blue rubber watch band enhances and complements the beautiful blue dial. Other watch models that pair greatly with blue include the Rolex Submariner and GMT Master.

If you're liking the look of blue rubber straps on a Milgauss, don't wait as our stock is extremely limited in this color and we do not have an estimated restock date at this time. 

Orange (Rubber) is the New Black

An orange rubber strap is bold, exciting, and is one of the most popular colors of rubber watch bands sold by Everest. People love orange because it demands attention, and it shows that you are a fun and confident person. Orange straps are also associated with diving watches, and while a Milgauss isn’t technically a diving watch, in my opinion any watch can become a diving watch if you want it to :)

orange rubber strap on rolex milgauss with rolex deployant clasp

The orange strap also matches perfectly to one of the coolest features of the Milgauss which is the bright orange lightning bolt hand. An orange rubber strap also perfectly complements the green dial as orange and green are visually pleasing, complementary colors on the color wheel. 

You will notice by the image above that Everest rubber straps come in two different varieties. You can get a tang buckle version which comes standard with a stainless steel, black, or gold buckle. These tang buckle rubber straps are often offered in a standard length and a shorter length.

You can also order a deployant version of the rubber straps. The deployant version seen above is designed to perfectly integrate with your existing Rolex clasp for a more tailored and custom look and fit.

Green Rubber straps for the Rolex Milgauss

green rubber watch strap for rolex

If you want a more subtle, but still commanding color to enhance a Milgauss, green rubber is the perfect option. Not as bright or loud as its blue and orange counterparts, the green rubber band almost blends seamlessly with the green tinted crystal of the Milgauss, allowing for clean lines and a visually cohesive feel. Green is also the color we all associate with Rolex so it only makes sense to give a subtle nod to the crown this way.

green rubber strap on rolex milguass

Imagine this green rubber strap on your wrist while mowing the lawn, grilling some meat, or drinking a Corona with lime on the patio. Depending on your preferences, you could wear the tang buckle style with a stainless steel buckle, a black buckle, or a gold buckle as well. 

black rubber strap on a rolex next to fancy cars

Of course we cannot forget about Old Faithful, the classic black rubber strap. Classic, clean, and timeless a black rubber strap increases the comfortability and versatility of your Milgauss and serves as the perfect neutral background for the colors of your Milgauss to take center stage.

Customer Reviews of Everest Rubber Straps for Rolex Milgauss

Of course we love our products, and wear them daily, but the real testimonies come from our customers.  We love when the Everest #watchfam shares their experiences, so please, take it from them.

Never thought I’d love a rubber strap this much."

We love this testimonial from Griffin who wrote: “Never thought I’d love a rubber strap this much. I was hesitant to buy a 3rd party rubber strap for my Milgauss, but Everest delivered. I’ve been blown away by the quality and it’s on par with several OEM original rubber straps I have. Would definitely buy again.” 

blue leather watch roll with rolex watches inside

Customer Robert C. wrote, “Great band to lighten up your watch now and again. Great band, very high quality, easy forming so first the wrist great. Highly recommend.”

Cathal P. agreed by writing:Solid product. Perfect for my Rolex Milgauss.”

A few more recent customer reviews of Everest Bands:

“What a great strap. It makes my Rolex seem like a new timepiece. Everything I have purchased from Everest has been great” -Jeffrey S.

"Awesome Straps for ROLEX Watches!!! Love these straps! They really work well with my Rolex watches and everyone who sees them, compliments them." -Edward M.

"Everything I have purchased from Everest has been great”

rolex with rubber strap next to a bucket of cold beers

Not sure about you all, but I am definitely looking forward to some warmer weather, bright sunny days, and patio season. All of these spring/summer looks for the Milgauss are making me even more exciting to bring it on! Plus there's buzz that the Milgauss might be discontinued, or get a refresh which is very exciting to think about! What's your favorite combo?

Don't have a Milgauss? Pro-tip: these straps also fit perfectly on the Rolex Air-King. And of course, Everest makes custom rubber straps for dozens of other Rolex references as well as making high end accessories for all watch models from Seiko to Patek to Vacheron and more.

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