2023 Rolex Predictions: Return of the Explorer 1 in 39mm

2023 Rolex Predictions: Return of the Explorer 1 in 39mm

In another installment of 2023 Rolex predictions, let’s discuss the possibility of seeing the Explorer 1 come back in a 39mm case. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the possibility of seeing a white dial Explorer 1 in 36mm, and while I would love for Rolex to make such a bold move, I feel it would be more reasonable to expect that the famed Swiss brand could return to something more classic. Let’s therefore discuss why Rolex would release a 39mm Explorer 1 again after that it rocked the watch community a couple of years ago by releasing a 36mm version. (By the way, I love the fact that they made a 36mm version like the original.) 

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Some People Don’t Like the Explorer 1 in 36mm 

Luckily,  we are all born with different tastes in watches. Some prefer smaller watches and others larger ones. Some prefer time only watches while others can only wear perpetual calendars. While what type of watch or complication to have strapped on the wrist is a matter of personal taste and interest, we could argue that wearing a small watch on a large wrist doesn’t always look good and that the opposite is also true. While many were in horological heaven when Rolex announced the 36mm Explorer 1, others weren’t. 

Rolex doesn’t have a history of switching sizes between new releases of a new model, but it also wants to continue earning cash. And in order to do so, it has to make watches that people would want to buy like freshly baked croissants in corner street bakeries in Paris. In that spirit, therefore, Rolex could bring the size of the Explorer 1 back to 39mm to appease those with larger wrists. Or even better, offer the Explorer in two sizes—36 and 39mm. This wouldn’t be too far-fetched since Rolex offers the Oyster Perpetual in many sizes. 

Everest Journal Return of the 39mm Explorer 1

A 39mm Rolex Explorer and a New Color? 

But in order to make a 39mm Explorer 1 worth our while, why not release it in a new color? While I would love to see a 36mm Explorer with a white dial, what about a 39mm with a white dial? Or an anthracite dial with gold accents on the hands, hour markers, and bracelet? Yes, I could come up with a host of color options for Rolex, should they be kind enough to read this article. But I believe it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to see a colorful Explorer 1. In this previous article, I speculated that Rolex could release a new Hulk Submariner. What about a Hulk Explorer 1 in 39mm?

But the Explorer 1 being an actual well-made tool watch, it would be rather impossible to see Rolex do anything radical with a 39mm Explorer 1. Just like the 36mm came in a two-tone, we could see a two-tone 39mm version of this popular exploration watch. As mentioned above, the possibilities are endless in terms of colors Rolex could settle for, however I do firmly believe that seeing a larger Explorer 1 make its comeback is not so far-fetched. Lastly, I would say that a 39mm Explorer 1 would be accompanied with a new movement to make the release even more special. 

Everest Journal Return of the 39mm Explorer 1Source: www.lesrhabilleurs.com

Final Thoughts 

We could make all of the strangest predictions in the world and Rolex could still surprise us. And perhaps the biggest surprise of all—and one that perhaps should have been taken into consideration at the very beginning—is the fact that Rolex could not release any new Explorer 1 model. Nothing. Nada. After all, since Rolex could be celebrating the Submariner’s 70th Anniversary or the Daytona’s 60th Anniversary. But you know what? 2023 would also mark the Explorer 1’s 70th Anniversary hence this article. Let’s be patient and see what the brand comes up with. 

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