70th Anniversary Rolex Submariner Predictions

70th Anniversary Rolex Submariner Predictions

Ah, the iconic Rolex Submariner, one of the first professional dive watches made available to the public. In 1953. And in this beautiful year of 2023 Rolex will (perhaps) celebrate the Submariner’s 70th anniversary. I’m saying “perhaps” because the Swiss brand does not celebrate every new decade a collection has been in existence. Rolex tends to skip one or more decades and thus it is not sure that a new Submariner will be unveiled in 2023. However, it might. In this article, therefore, we will be taking a look at two possible releases from Rolex after discussing the reasons why we could see a new Submariner hit the spotlights. 

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Why Could We See a 70th Anniversary Submariner? 

As mentioned above, Rolex does not celebrate every additional 10-year anniversary one of its collections has been in production. For example, the last celebration of the Submariner was its 50th anniversary in 2003 when Rolex released the original Kermit—the green on green Submariner. And in 2013, Rolex celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Daytona. So, the question is could Rolex celebrate the milestone anniversaries of two iconic models or just one? I’d bet that it would be only one and this year could be the turn of the Submariner. 

Furthermore, it has been three years (since 2020) that Rolex has made any major update to the Submariner. The latest being redesigning the case to a 41mm chunk of stainless steel making the Submariner look even more so like a tank on the wrist. (Not in a bad way, but as in being larger and heavier than the yesteryear Submariners and their slimmer cases.) Being an iconic collection from the Swiss brand, it would only make sense if Rolex would release a new Submariner in 2023 during Watches & Wonders. 

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Option 1: a New Hulk Submariner 

So, what could we see happen? There have been many predictions running around the internet. And while I agree with some, I don’t agree with others. In my opinion, Rolex would either go classic or go wild. After all, the watch community was taken by surprise last year when Rolex released the Destro GMT Master II. And looking at the brand’s most recent releases, it seems that it still leans toward classical designs. Which is why I feel that we could see a new Hulk hitting the spotlights. However, I would think—and wish—that Rolex would be so bold to reduce the case diameter to 39mm (from the current 41mm diameter) and thin down the lugs for a more classical look. 

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Option 2: a Precious Metal Submariner 

On the other end of the spectrum, Rolex could go a little wild and release a precious metal Submariner made of platinum or gold. A full-gold Submariner would look quite swanky but wouldn’t look too out of place for the Swiss brand which likes to impress. A platinum case Submariner would be matched with Tiffany blue dial, and a gold case submariner with a green dial. In either case, Rolex would maintain the 41mm case diameter and perhaps throw in a new movement with better power reserve, improved accuracy, and more efficient protection against shock and magnetism. 

Everest Journal 70th Anniversary Rolex Submariner Predictions

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Option 3: A Titanium No-Date Submariner 

That would be my preference: a titanium Submariner with no date to offer fans of the 39mm Tudor Pelagos a more premium experience. While Rolex does not really do subtle anymore, it would be outstanding if it would actually release a 39mm Submariner made of titanium, a matte black dial, and no date complication. This would rekindle the passion that the Submariner die-hard fans had for the brand and which they’ve lost over the past few years. Moreover, it would indicate that Rolex can still surprise us by offering something different from what it typically offers. 

Everest Journal 70th Anniversary Rolex Submariner Predictions

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Final Thoughts 

So, what could we see happen in a few weeks at Watches & Wonders? All bets are off and Rolex could do something that not one journalist and collector could have imagined. We can always dream big and let our imagination run wild, for example a 37mm Submariner in addition to the three options listed above. What are your thoughts on a potential 70th anniversary Submariner? Please leave your comments below. 

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