2022 Watch Resolutions Part II

2022 Watch Resolutions Part II

These last two years have been tough, so we wanted to continue to make bold declarations on what we'll be doing in 2022. Our first set of resolutions focused on 

This type of article is pretty common in the watch media, but let me get one thing off my chest: Let’s stop using the adjectives fun, charming or handsome when describing watches. These are easy to fall back on when one isn’t sure how to dig deeper and come up with more specific words to describe the look and feel of the watch.

So that’s resolution no. 1. I can’t try to stop others from using the terms, but in life you can try to lead by example. 

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Resolution no. 2 is to truly only buy watches that you can’t get out of your head. Take your time. Obsess over it. Research. Compare. Try on. I vow to reach a level of wanting a watch so bad you are willing to part ways with something in your collection to attain it.

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Resolution no. 3 is a continuation of no. 2: One in. One out. I’ve found that keeping my watch collection to a level where they all get plenty of wrist time to be key to enjoying this hobby. For me the sweet spot is six watches.

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Resolution no. 4: Don’t listen to the criticism of online commentators on a certain watch. Judge for yourself. Don’t succumb to groupthink that may or may not have relevance on how a watch might work for your wrist, your collection, your personality. Don’t go against the grain just to be a contrarian, use your gut to determine if you are naturally drawn to a watch. It’s like choosing a mate, attraction is innate. You know if it makes your heart skip a beat.

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Resolution no. 5: Seek color. Whether it’s the dial or bezel or both, look for watches that aren’t black or white, or even navy. Try orange, green, red, pink or whatever else makes you happy. I’m willing to bet you have plenty of black dial watches. I know I do. I’m thinking of something in light blue for 2022.

Photo by Everest Bands

Resolution no. 6: Dial in your fit. If you don’t love the stock bracelet or band, you should seek out an alternative that makes your fit ideal. To be frank, it might take some trial and error, but eventually nailing that fit is well worth it for long-term enjoyment for a watch you love.

Resolution no. 7: Work hard to achieve a goal and then purchase the watch you want. Even if you can afford the new watch you want, I want to tie my watch purchases to an achievement. Working hard for something you really want will add more meaning to your watch collecting hobby.

Resolution no. 8: Hold out for the perfect version of the watch you are seeking. Don’t settle for one because it’s simply available. Look for the one with the right condition, price, or whatever other conditions you set for yourself. If you want it on a bracelet, don’t settle on the version with the strap. 

So here’s to a great 2022. Make sure that you connect deeply with why you love watches. It will make your time spent with each of them even more meaningful.

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