TITLE: 2022 New Year’s watch resolutions

TITLE: 2022 New Year’s watch resolutions

Can you believe that 2022 is upon us? The watch collecting world has shifted because of the pandemic and for many watch enthusiasts the level of enthusiasm may have intensified because we had time to dig deeper into our hobby. What have I learned about myself as a watch collector over the last two years: Mainly, it’s that it’s very important to define your own parameters as a collector and to beware of simply coveting shiny new objects.

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Resolution no. 1: Be patient and cultivate relationships with other collectors you meet online. What I’ve learned over the years is that while it’s important to strike while the iron is hot when you see a deal on the secondhand market, don’t be tempted to settle if the buying conditions aren’t perfect. Know in your gut that you have the right seller, the right version and right price for the watch you are seeking. Even limited edition watches usually can be found. On that note the used section of watch forums isn’t the only place you can find a watch you want. You may get to know other collectors and simply ask if they might consider selling a watch they own to you. You never know and the ask is always the ask. That way since you already have a relationship, the potential transaction could be very smooth as opposed to firing inquiries to people you don’t know.

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Resolution no. 2: Create an actual checklist and make sure your next purchase does indeed check all the boxes. When the Tudor Pelagos FXD was announced, it quickly jumped to the top of my want list because of the square markers that match the handset and because it is a no-date watch, one of my favorite attributes in a watch. But the more I looked at it, the overall aesthetic didn’t match my checklist. I still prefer the overall look of the original Pelagos. So this moved the FXD from want next to let’s wait and see. 

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Resolution no. 3: Spend more time with the watches you don’t spend enough time with that are in your current collection. Is there a reason you don’t wear a particular watch? That could be an indicator that it’s time to part ways with that not-worn-as-much watch. Just like friendships, it’s good to go deeper with the great ones you have rather than try to force friendships that may not feel as natural. Or you could decide to wear that less-worn watch more next year and it may reinvigorate your love for it. Either way don’t let that category of watch languish in your watchbox. Move it on so someone can appreciate it or rediscover the joys why you bought it in the first place.

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Resolution no. 4: This one is related to resolution 3. Really sit down and define your focus and yourself as a collector. Yes, I mean actually write your personal mission statement as a collector down. Are you a dive watch fanatic? Are you seeking to own a variety of watches within a certain subset? Are you pledging to have a simple collection that covers multiple categories? For me I’ve recognized that I am mostly into sport watches that can be worn on any occasion but am seeking to fill that one dress watch slot with a dress watch that can also be worn casually.

What are your 2022 watch collecting resolutions? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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