2018 Baselworld Predictions

2018 Baselworld Predictions

Its upon us again, that anticipated time of year, where the watch world convenes to unveil its latest collections...Baselworld 2018. As with every year, rumors run wild to suggest what the new releases will be, and this year, the predictions do not disappoint.

Last year, we saw the 43mm Sea-Dweller - initially questioned by the watch community due to its size and controversial cyclops, only to quickly rise to a high popular demand - as well as a fleet of precious metal Daytonas released on the oysterflex which only encourages the watch strap community.

Rolex Daytona with rubber strap

There are multiple predictions that a Rolex Submariner Date in steel with a black bezel equipped with the Oysterflex rubber bracelet will make its debut this year, but as the red accents on the Sea-Dweller was much more well received last year, it is highly likely for multiple models to follow the Sea-Dweller’s path with adding a red line of text. Whether its a Submariner, a GMT, the Milgauss or the Explorer 1, reintroducing this vintage detail follows along the line of what Rolex reflects and celebrates, heritage.  

rolex subamariner

Another popular prediction this year focuses around the Explorers as the 65th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary’s and Tenzig Norway’s Mt. Everest expedition approaches. Will the Explorer 1 be released with a “polar” dial? We should would love that combination! Or, it could be time for the Explorer 2 to be released with a Ceramic Bezel vs the current stainless steel which is more susceptible to scratching.  

Everest believes Rolex will release a Coke GMT stainless steel model. It is possible Rolex held this release back from last year’s line up and will make its debut this year. Additionally, the Submariner line will receive a movement revamp - housing the same movement as the Sea-Dweller 43mm, the caliber 3235, featuring 14 new patents.  


Rolex Caliber 3235

What do we truly wish for? We deeply appreciate Rolex’s celebration of history and heritage and are hoping to see a red text submariner as earlier submariner models exhibited. While this would celebrate its historical provenance, it would possible cannibalize the SD43mm.

What would be even more beautiful to behold is a stainless steel Pepsi Ceramic. The White Gold Pepsi was discontinued this year, so it’s very unlikely the stainless steel will be released. That would be a bit of a blow for those enthusiasts who have already invested $30,000+ in the white gold model.


Rolex bezel

And there you have it for Baselworld 2018 Predictions. We will be following up next week to see what Rolex really has unveiled for this year’s lineup.

Please note that all of these predictions are purely speculations, not facts! Thanks to the guys at Monochrome, Timezone, Caliber Corner and Rolex Passion Report for their great insights and pictures.

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