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Choosing Your
Everest Band Size

Many popular Everest Bands come in both a standard size as well as a shorter size for smaller wrists. There are several easy ways to find this measurement.
choose your sizing method
Download and print our sizing guide to find the optimal fit. Print at 100%, do not scale.
Cut wrist ruler on right side of this page along the dotted guidelines. Hold top circle of wrist ruler in place at the same location where your watch case would sit on your wrist.
Wrap the wrist ruler around your wrist, ensuring that you are holding tightly and the ruler does not slide up and down.
Take note of the word that is shown between the two arrows on the circle at the case position on your wrist. If it lands somewhere in the 'SHORT' area, the short strap size is right for you. 'STANDARD' means the standard size is your size.
If the arrows point to the space between 'SHORT' and 'STANDARD,' it is safe to purchase the standard size strap. That’s it! Head back to and finish the process of customizing your watch.
A flexible tape measure, length of string, or a thin strip of paper can be used to accurately measure one's wrist. View the video below for instructions.
If using a flexible tape measure, place the start of the tape measure onto your wrist, where the case of your watch would rest. Using a piece of clear tape will help keep the tape measure in place.
Wrap the tape measure comfortably around your wrist until it overlaps.
If using a piece of string or strip of paper, just pinch or mark where the two ends overlap.
Measure your string or paper using a standard ruler.
Free shipping with $100 minimum purchase from our United States Headquarters.
Your order includes two Rolex style 2.0mm spring bars, a Custom Curved End Rubber strap, and a custom buckle. Watch not included.


This leather watch strap in a rich hazelnut color with contrasting ecru stitching is truly a luxury strap. After sourcing the original Vacchetta Toscana vegetable tanned leather from Italy, each strap is then stitched by hand one by one by Italian artisans. This vintage inspired leather strap is also hand-brushed to give a special patina over time. Vachetta leather refers to a very high quality, vegetable tanned leather primarily used for high-end handbags, straps, and other luxury trim. Made popular by iconic brands such as Louis Vuitton and Coach, Vachetta leather ishigh-quality, has very consistent coloration, and has little to no surface flaws as only premium calf skins are used. In addition to the quality of the leather, the other benefit of Vachetta leather is that with time and wear, the stap patinas remarkably and only becomes more pleasing to the eye. 
Perfect for almost any watch, this leather strap will fit watches with lug widths of 20mm or 22mm, and is available in both regular and long lengths.
This leather strap is equipped with a 360L stainless steel buckle and a unique spring bar known as a presto spring bar. This is a modern feature where tools are not required to install or remove the strap. All that is required is to use your thumb to depress the bar which is comfortably tucked in under the strap. A vintage, classic look with modern sensibilities and function that is perfect for any watch.