Everest Steel Endlink Technology

Steel End Link Everest Strap on Rolex Submariner

Everest has created a completely unique end link leather strap system that provides a solution to a 50 year old problem - the unsightly gap between the end of the leather strap and the case of a Rolex watch. It has taken a great deal of time and resources to design, create and bring this revolutionary product to market. When we begin something this important, we don't take short cuts or rush the process. We imagine, collaborate and get down to business of inventing a product the Rolex enthusiast will want, need and appreciate for years to come.

We wouldn't accept anything less than perfection so we settled on something perfectly designed. We are proud to say the Everest end link leather strap system was made to the highest degree possible worthy of the Rolex it's attached to.

When designing an industry first end link integrated with a leather strap, one of the first steps in the design was to accept that each Rolex sport models had various case to bracelet connections that added to the complexity of the project. Innovation is never hurried at Everest and this was no exception. Each individual watch connection had to be studied carefully for dimensional and radius variations using cutting edge laser measuring technology. The next stage was to develop a connection from the end link to the leather strap. Our design allows for every Everest leather strap to be fully interchangeable no matter what end link / watch combination. This will allow you, the Rolex owner to be able to switch out our leather straps on any Rolex that you have an Everest Steel end link for!

Striving For Perfection

At Everest Horology Products we work specifically only on creating unique options for Rolex owners and wearers. Because our clientele has such excellent taste in watches we cannot create something that does not perfectly function and exceed their expectations of quality. When we developed the first ever leather strap line for Rolex owners, we were focused only on the highest quality materials and workmanship available. It is noticeable on the smallest detail, be it the way the buckle latches or the stitching on the leather. We go so far as testing each end link by installing it on the Rolex model it was intentionally made for to ensure a snug fit. It may be an aftermarket strap, but in our eyes perfection is not an option it is a standard. At Everest Horology Products, we will not compromise for your Rolex watchband.

A Worldwide Quest For The Best Leather


The Everest end link was born out of a forward thinking design accompanied by modern technology. When we started to layout the designs for our custom leather straps configured for the end link, technology took a back seat. Following Everest's formula of quality being the highest priority, we narrowed our search for the best leather makers and tanneries through out the world.

Months were spent examining a myriad of leather hide samples, then evaluating all the hand tooled prototype straps from several of the world's best before deciding who to use. Eight, then 5. We eventually chose 2 of the most respected and gifted strap makers of the world experienced enough to provide us with the quality required. Never realizing until now, how much work goes into making a truly beautiful quality leather watch band by hand.

Rolex wearers have almost countless strap options that could fit on your Rolex, but only an elite few are worth installing on your timeless Rolex. All of the strap options that we offer for Rolex owners are made to a quality deserving of the watch.

Everest always follows three cornerstones when developing a Rolex aftermarket strap: First, aesthetically, they keep the essence of a Rolex watch. Secondly, quality and attention to detail is of the highest echelon with all of our products. Thirdly, our Rolex replacement straps are the most comfortable watch straps available. When you purchase an Everest Leather Strap you will see the value immediately and for a long time to come.