WATCH STRAPS FOR TUDOR Heritage Chronograph

Shop our selection of rubber straps for the Tudor Heritage Chronograph (ref. M70330N & M70330B). Everest's curved end straps guarantee a perfect connection to your Tudor Heritage Chronograph's case.

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Released back in 2013 (the year Tudor returned to the United States), the Tudor Heritage Chronograph is no longer in production. The model finds its inspiration from the early 1970s Tudor 7169, also known as the “Monte-Carlo.” With slight modifications from its predecessor, the Tudor Heritage Chronograph is a beautifully designed timepiece to have in your collection. As with most Tudors, the Tudor Heritage Chronograph does have a bracelet as well as a fabric strap alternative. Everest offers the perfect solution for a curved end strap with a multitude of options in both rubber and leather.

The Tudor Heritage Chrono is a funky watch. Particularly the blue model: blue bezel, blue chapter ring, and blue sub-dial surrounds expertly contrasted by a bright reddish orange second hand, minute markers, and sub-dial indices. This blue model has a creamy, vintage-inspired, off-white dial color which really pops next to the vibrant blues and oranges. The black colorway trades all blue for black, as well as trading the off-white dial for black. This black model is a much more understated look, but is beautiful nonetheless.

The Tudor Heritage Chrono is special because of its influence. The Tudor 7169 was a truly unique watch, and has a recognizable silhouette to this day. Many modern chronographs, particularly those inspired by vintage chronographs such as the Rolex Daytona, follow a similar recipe: 3 high contrast subdials at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock on a uniform dial (often times white and black), congruent chapter ring and fixed bezel, and standard pushers (maybe screw-down) at 2 and 4 o’clock. The Tudor Heritage Chrono does things a bit differently. The subdial coloring follows a trapezoidal shape on either side with no subdial at 6 o’clock. This provides visual symmetry from 3 to 9, as well as 12 to 6. This symmetry is maintained (but somewhat broken) by the 12 o’clock Tudor shield logo and 6 o’clock date aperture. All of this is surrounded by a very pronounced 60-second chapter ring, which is surrounded by a rotating 12 hour bezel, giving this watch simple dual-time functionality. The Tudor Heritage Chrono’s screw down pushers and crown are among its most defining characteristics. Both feature very intentional, overstated knurling that give them perfect grip, as well as some textural contrast. If you’re looking for a vintage inspired chronograph with a unique personality, you can’t go wrong with the Tudor heritage chrono. 

The Tudor Heritage Chronograph is inspired by the Tudor 7169, which only had a depth rating of 50 meters. However, the Heritage Chrono wasn’t made in the 1970’s – it is waterproof to 150 meters. It has the robust screw down pushers to prove it. Any watch with this much water resistance should have a lightweight waterproof strap. Luckily, Everest’s Curved End rubber straps are tailor fit to the dimensions of the Tudor Heritage Chronograph (Ref. M70330N & M70330B), seamlessly hugging the case and lugs. Rubber excels as a strong, lightweight, waterproof strap material (just make sure your watch is waterproof too). Rubber isn’t just practical, it's one of the most comfortable materials for a watch strap. If you like the sporty look, rubber is a great everyday option. If you’re looking for a new strap for your Tudor Heritage Chronograph (Ref. M70330N & M70330B), Everest bands are your best bet.