Would You Do This To Your Rolex Watch?

Would You Do This To Your Rolex Watch?

madeworn engraved rolex

Quite a buzz happened recently on the Facebook group, Wristshots. It was all about the photo you see above.

The photo has 377 Likes as I write this. Compare that to the typical 10 – 50 Likes a photo gets in the group and you see why it caught my attention. Well, part of why. The other part is I think this is a stunning piece of wearable art.

And the man behind it? Blaine Halvorson, a Los Angeles designer and artist whose work appeals to those who like a well-worn, broken-in look. Which, by the way, is the genesis for the name of his company, MadeWorn.

made worn engraved rolex watch

Among others, Mr. Halvorson caters to stars like Brad Pitt and Jude Law, and does props for movies like the current release, The Revenant. He’s been covered journalistically here, here, here, and here, and I’m not going to attempt any such coverage.

Apparently, this is a repeatable phenomenon. Here’s a shot from another engraver, Tom Inslay of Queensland, Australia.

Tom Inlsey engraved strap

Datejust by Tom Inslay

This one’s got 1362 Likes on Instagram. According to his website, Mr. Inslay specializes in guns, but also does knives watches, jewelry, and just about anything else you’d like prettied up.

But my fascination with these guys is their work with watches. And so, back to my original question – would you do something like this to your Rollie? The commentary on social media seems to be largely positive. Even when the artwork isn’t to someone’s personal taste, folks are acknowledging the artistry.

Tom inslay engraved watch clasp

Rolex Clasp by Tom Inslay

As for me, in my mind, I’m a cowboy from way back. And to me, this looks like western art. So I would absolutely love to have a Rolex Datejust or Explorer done up in this fashion.

Along with a matching Colt .45, a Winchester Model 94, and a knife to be named later.


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