Why You & Your Loved Ones Need a Watch Pouch This Holiday Season

tan watch pouch in microfiber material with a tudor watch on top

It’s the most wonderful time of the year- the holidays! Maybe you are considering buying a gift for a loved one, or even yourself. It is the time of year to give and to receive in whatever way that looks like for you. It’s hard to think of the perfect gift each year for loved ones, coworkers, or friends. Everest has an amazing gift option for any watch lover at various price points and for various needs- the watch pouch! We offer three versatile watch pouch options that are a must have for each and every watch enthusiast out there. 

everest microfiber watch pouch next to a rolex watch

The Microfiber Watch Pouch

The first option we offer is our Microfiber Watch Pouch, which is $30.00 and comes in three different colors- stone, camel, and blue. This is an ideal option for gift givers who are balling on a budget, but still want to give a gift that is high quality and impressive. This watch pouch is made out of an ultra soft Everest exclusive material and is best suited for watches on bracelets. It has an insert lined in the same microfiber material that keeps the watch safe, secure and scratch free! This is also a great gift idea for those who are just beginning their watch collection and need something to store their watch in. 

ballistic nylon watch pouch with rolex watch inside

The Nylon Watch Pouch

Next up is our Nylon Watch Pouch, which is $37.00 and comes in one color- black. This is also a great gift idea for those budget minded customers. This watch pouch is made out of the highest quality ballistic nylon and is well-padded, water-resistant, and very heavy duty. This is why it is the perfect gift for an individual who lives a fast paced, action packed lifestyle. This watch pouch has a unique closing clasp, an insert that will keep your watch safe and secure, and is lined with a soft interior material. It is very versatile in many ways, including the fact that it can accommodate watches on bracelets, or on straps. The nylon watch pouch also has an exterior snap attachment that allows the pouch to be secured to luggage, belts, or bags. It is also a great option for gym bags and traveling because of the extra padding! 

brown leather watch pouch yellow rolex inside

The Leather Watch Pouch

Our final option is our Leather Watch Pouch, which is $67.00 and comes in three color options- green, blue and brown. This watch pouch is made out of the highest quality Italian Nappa Leather from the finest tanneries. This is absolutely a gift that will impress any watch lover because of its sleek and stylish design. The leather watch pouch is secured closed by a snap that is lined on the inside with our microfiber material, so there is no need to worry when it comes to scratches. It also includes a microfiber lined insert that keeps your watch safe from jostling and is best suited for watches on bracelets. 

green leather watch pouch next to a rolex watch

Not only do our watches make a great gift on their own, but they are also amazing stocking stuffers. If you are looking for a reason to buy one for yourself, look no further, many travel over the holidays or soon after and our watch pouches are a traveling MUST. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself and your loved one an Everest watch pouch, you will not regret it!

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