Why You Need This Vegan Cork Watch Roll

Why You Need This Vegan Cork Watch Roll

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Introducing the Vegan Cork Watch Roll

Introducing the Vegan Cork Watch Roll. Finally an eco-friendly, vegan and sustainable alternative to leather is now available in the form of a watch roll! Why cork? After doing a lot of research we learned surprisingly that cork is one of the most extraordinary materials on Earth for so many reasons. Cork is sustainable, recyclable, water-proof, hypoallergenic, impermeable, heat-resistant, durable, renewable, socially conscious, vegan, and so much more! The process of harvesting cork and turning it into a luxury item like the Everest watch roll is also super fascinating. Learn why you need to incorporate a cork watch roll into your life, and how you can help the environment at the same time.

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What is Cork?

“Cork” is the term for the outer bark of the cork oak tree (technically known as the Quercus Suber). It is 100% all natural, reusable and recyclable. From environmental and social perspectives it is one of the world's most versatile and eco-friendly materials.

How is Cork Harvested?

One of the great things about cork is that it is extracted from the cork tree without ever harming the tree or without stunting its development in any way. When you “uncork” a tree you remove the outer layer of bark. This removal allows for the cork oak tree to continue producing new layers of bark with the same thickness, properties, and strength. Cork trees have a unique ability to regenerate their outer bark and uncorking the tree is beneficial in increasing the longevity and health of the tree. But not only that, because trees absorb CO2, a harvested cork oak tree absorbs up to 5 times more CO2 than an unharvested cork tree.

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Cork oak trees take approximately 20-25 years to produce their first quality outer layer of cork, which then can be harvested every 9-10 years after that. Expert cork harvesters number the trees so they know exactly which tree is ready for its once a decade haircut. A single cork tree often lives to be 200 years old, so it can be uncorked approximately 16 times in its lifetime.

Where Do Cork Trees Grow?

In general, cork trees grow naturally (and abundantly) in Mediterranean regions of several European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France as well as a few countries in Northern Africa. Portugal is the leading producer of cork worldwide. Cork tree forests are completely sustainable, phenomenal for the environment, and play a major role in the biodiversity of these regions.

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Why is Cork a Superior Material for Watch Rolls?

1. Cork is Lightweight, Elastic, and Ultra-Durable

Cork is flexible, bouncy, and elastic. It’s springy membranes allow it to regain its original shape after being compressed. Because of the elasticity it also makes an excellent protectant material, absorbing shock and keeping your watches in pristine condition. The material is extremely durable, making it the perfect material for high quality vegan accessories such as watch rolls.

2. Cork is Impermeable to Gasses and Liquids, and is Stain-Resistant

There is a reason why cork has been used as a wine stopper since the time of Ancient Greece and that is because cork is completely impermeable to gasses and liquids. Although we wouldn’t recommend taking your watch roll out in the rain, we can be extremely confident the water will just bead up on the cork and keep your watches completely dry. This does also provide strong peace of mind when travelling with your watches as things do sometimes spill or leak in luggage.

3. Cork is Natural and Hypoallergenic.

Cork has no odor, no taste, and is completely hypoallergenic. Because it is impermeable to moisture, it remains fresh and buoyant at all times. It is also completely dust-resistant as it cannot absorb dust particles.  If you are someone who struggles with allergies, asthma, or sensitive skin, a cork watch roll is the perfect place to store and display your watches.

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4. Cork is Eco-friendly, Vegan, and Renewable.

No cork goes to waste as it is 100% completely recyclable. Even after cork is transformed into watch rolls, the remaining material can still be ground and used for a variety of other items. Because no cork trees actually have to be cut down to produce cork, these trees are a renewable source with little to no negative impact on the environment. In fact cork trees and cork products create no carbon footprint at all. The more cork we buy, the more we can protect cork forests and help to protect and enhance the environment! 

5. Cork Provides Excellent Thermal Insulation

Cork is an excellent thermal insulator protecting your watches from extreme cold or heat. Accidentally leaving your cork watch roll in the trunk of your car during the dead of winter or the sweltering summer won’t be a problem with cork. Cork is also naturally fire-retardant and burns clean with no toxic fumes.

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6. Cork Is Visually Pleasing and Soft to Touch

A cork watch roll just physically looks and feels really good, with the added bonus of also mentally feeling really good knowing you’re helping the environment. Our cork watch rolls are soft, smooth, and offer a unique look. We elevate a traditional cork material by adding a bespoke French-painted edge, and a buttery soft microfiber lining.

Other Features of the Everest Cork Watch Roll

If the environmental benefits of the cork material weren't enough, Everest’s unique microfiber watch pillows are also compressible and flexible, creating a secure and accurate fit for watches of any size. This is unique to watch rolls as most of them offer a one size fits all approach.

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Each watch pillow in an Everest watch roll is individually removable, and precisely slides in and out through an innovative sliding rail system. This unique system allows your watches to be suspended within the roll and held firmly in place, while not touching any other watch. The flat base of the watch roll prevents any accidental rolling or tipping while using or displaying your watches. This organic shape allows for your collection to be impeccably displayed while the case is open or closed.

Want to learn more? Shop Everest Cork Watch Rolls here.

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