Why You Need a Watch Pouch In Your Life

roex watch pouch leather

Everest offers a line of watch pouches that are perfect gift ideas (Father’s Day is approaching fast!). If you’re a watch enthusiast, you probably have a different watch for different occasions - similarly, you really do need different storage solutions for different occasions.

Rolex Daytona suede watch pouch travel

Headed out on summer adventures this year? Whether you are headed to the mountains to escape the blistering heat or headed to the beach to find some good sun, you can’t leave home without your travel companions, and yes, I said “companions,” meaning multiple. But, some of us just may not have enough watches for an entire watch roll, or we just really have no desire to lug around more than two timepieces. If that’s the case, a watch pouch is your solution!

What if you’re headed to a local event after work and don’t have time to run home but you also don’t want to give up your daily wearer for your nightly attire - throw one of them in a watch pouch to keep it safe and secure. I am sure you’ve found yourself even just needing a quick, safe place to store your timepiece once in a while throughout the day.

Rolex leather watch travel pouch

The watch pouches are incredibly lightweight but durable to protect your timepiece against scratches and damage while inside the watch pouch. Everest offers a smooth calf leather exterior material with a suede-like, soft interior. The included insert slides between your watch case and bracelet to prevent them from rubbing against each other. Additionally, the snap button ensures a secure closure but is covered on the inside by the same soft material, so your watch is never exposed to metal while inside the watch pouch. The leather watch pouch is specifically designed for storing watches with bracelets.

The same design of the watch pouch is also offered in a completely soft suede-like exterior and interior. However, a larger pouch is offered to be compatible with watches that have straps on them, so you can bring your favorite combo for #strapsaturday.

GMT Master suede travel watch pouch

And that, my friends, is why you really do need a watch pouch in your life - keep your travel companions safe and secure wherever you go.

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