Why this $30 watch pouch is essential for all watch lovers

Why this $30 watch pouch is essential for all watch lovers

When I first started watch collecting, admittedly I wasn’t really prepared for it. What I mean by this is that I started gathering watches without any real plan of how to store them or travel with them.  If I saw a watch I liked and was able to purchase, I’d get it and bring it home. 

Over time the watches started to pile up on my nightstand or my dresser, and if I was going to travel somewhere, like a total amateur, I’d put my Rolex into a sock and toss it in the bag. As a grown person, I knew this was unacceptable (and disrespectful to my watches, especially after I seriously scratched one by doing this), so since then I have upgraded to using all the watch rolls and I keep a nice watch box in my closet.  My dresser looks so much tidier and my watches feel tremendously safer and so much more respected. I feel like I did some adulting, and that’s a good thing. 

As often it is with watch collecting, I find myself having one or two favorites that I wear on my wrist frequently. For these daily beaters, the Everest microfiber watch pouch is the perfect watch accessory for me. It is perfect for traveling with my watch, and the flexible disk inside keeps my watch from falling on itself and scratching itself during transit. The fact that it is made from Swiss microfiber also means that my watches are actually automatically cleaned inside of the pouch as they travel. It is a serious upgrade from a sock, and at $30 a piece, I can buy a few of them without breaking the bank.

The Swiss microfiber pouches come in 3 colors: stone, camel, and ocean blue. I have all 3, but I would have to say that the ocean blue is my favorite. In the past I had a green version of this pouch from Everest, and it was really great, but to be honest, this new iteration is significantly better. The microfiber material seems so much thicker and the product just feels luxurious. These pouches were made to pay homage to the service pouches used at Rolex Service Centers, and they are the perfect watch accessory.

Inside the watch pouch is a flexible disk that will accommodate watches of any size, on a bracelet. That disk slides into the microfiber pouch, which cleans and shines the watch naturally. The disk also keeps the watch from falling on itself and scratching or dinging. The closure is a secure snap. Please note: The snap is FULLY covered on the inside of the pouch, so you never have to worry about that snap-back scratching your watch. This is a super common question we get, so it’s very important to note that the snap is fully covered with swiss microfiber to make sure your watches stay incredibly safe and clean.

The other thing that is perfect about these watch pouches is the size. They are slim, narrow, and inconspicuous. They can go in a handbag, briefcase, gym bag, suitcase or even your pocket. As I have learned, it’s not only essential to store your watches correctly, but it also will save you a ton of money in accidental damage. $30 is far cheaper than the cost (and hassle) of removing any scratch or ding from a Rolex. Using the microfiber watch pouch gives me peace of mind, looks great, is very affordable, and makes me feel like a real watch collector. Win, win, win, and win!

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