Why the Tudor Black Bay Fits into Any Collection

Tudor black bay

With a very distinct burgundy coloring, the Tudor Black Bay Heritage dive watch was introduced in 2012 and has been a success both within the watch community and with the general public. One of the most striking features is a red aluminium spacer over the crown tube which is visually striking due to the lack of crown guards.

tudor black bay

 John Mayer reviewed the Tudor Black Bay Heritage on his Week on the Wrist review in Hodinkee that the Black Bay can easily be an affordable option for first time watch collectors as well as an appreciated timepiece that reminds veteran collectors of why collecting timepieces was appealing in the first place. It's also an affordable dive watch option with extraordinary quality (due to Tudor’s relationship with Rolex).

Multiple celebrities who have been spotted with the Tudor Black Bay Heritage include Lady Gaga in multiple magazine advertisements and David Beckham sporting the two-tone date Black Bay. Since its debut, it has also evolved to the modern Tudor Black Bay Bronze Blue (available exclusively at Bucherer, a U.K. based watch store).

Lady Gaga Tudor black bay

image source: Tudor Watch

Why should a Black Bay become a part of your collection? It's the perfect “fun” diver to wear, and Tudor has since added a date to appeal to a wider range of audiences.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay is 15mm thick with a 41mm case. An in-house movement was introduced in 2016.

tudor Black Bay leather strap


Tudor is less traditional and offers the watch with strap options, not just the stock bracelet like its sister Tudor. We also wanted to offer an aftermarket option for our Tudor Black Bays with our curved end Vulcanized Rubber watch bands. The Tudor Black Bay is a watch you can wear however you would like to. It may be a first time owner watch, but you can run with the big dogs when you’ve got it on your wrist. Plus, there are a wide range of models to truly find the Black Bay that best fits you - and now, you can even further customize your Tudor when you purchase an Everest Band.

Tudor Black Bay


So, if you’re a Rolex owner, the Tudor Black Bay is the perfect addition to add a bit more strap flare to your traditional Rolex style.



Written by Li Wang

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