Why the Short Everest Rolex Rubber Strap Is Perfect for Smaller Wrists

Rolex Rubber Strap Short Length

I’ve been wearing one of Everest’s curved end rubber straps on my Rolex Submariner for years now and I’ve always been a big fan of both the company and its products. However, until recently when I started writing for Everest’s blog, I had no idea that a shorter version of the brand’s classic Rolex rubber strap even existed.

I often joke about how I have skinny wrists, but I can comfortably wear the standard-length Everest rubber strap. The numerous sizing holes allow it to fit an incredibly wide range of different wrist sizes, but since my wrist measures only a little over 6.5 inches, I’m always wearing my strap on either the second or third smallest hole. This leaves a rather lengthy amount of excess strap to manage with the pair of keepers, but this is true for virtually every other watch strap that I’ve owned, so I never thought twice about it. 

However, when I discovered that a shorter version of the same strap was now available, I was incredibly excited to try one on my watch and see how it stacked up against the standard model that I’ve used for years.

Rolex Submariner Rubber Strap

How the Short Rubber Rolex Strap Is Different

Probably the single most important thing to note about the short version of Everest’s rubber Rolex strap is that it isn’t just a shorter version of the standard model. It does feature a reduced overall length, and this is achieved by shortening both sides of the strap in order to help keep the tang-style buckle centered on the bottom of smaller wrists. Additionally, the way that the short version of the strap integrates to the case has been slightly redesigned on the shorter model, and this increases comfort when using smaller sizing holes. 

Short Rubber Rolex Watch Strap

The curved parts of the strap that match the lugs and sides of the case remain the exact same, as they are required to maintain the strap’s integrated appearance. However, the angle that they extend from the watch has been slightly reduced. The biggest benefit to this subtle refinement is that when you have the strap set on one of its smallest sizing holes, the natural shape that it makes will be less of an extreme oval and more of a circle in order to better fit most people’s wrists.

The composite image below makes this difference in shape immediately apparent. My older standard-length rubber Rolex strap is pictured on the left, while the new short version appears on the right. The decreased angle of the short length strap allows it to more easily maintain its natural circular shape when set to a similar overall size. If you’re looking for the full specs on the short rubber straps, be sure to check out this article from last year when they were first announced. 

Rolex Rubber Watch Straps Short vs. Long

Shape Matters - For Both Wrists and Straps

Although I immediately noticed this difference in shape, I have very flat wrists so I’m not able to fully appreciate the comfort benefits provided by the short rubber strap. Despite being only slightly greater than 6.5 inches in circumference, my wrist measures nearly 2.5 inches across, and the extreme oval shape provided by the standard-length strap actually ends up working out in my favor. This is likely the primary reason why the standard-length version never felt too large on my wrist, and I’d be hard-pressed to say that I find one version of the strap any more comfortable than the other.

With that in mind, even for someone like myself who finds the standard-length rubber strap to be equally comfortable, the short version still offers some nice ergonomic benefits. Since the strap itself is objectively shorter, there is less excess material to hold under the pair of keepers, and since both sides of the strap have been reduced in length compared to the standard version, the tang-style buckle ends up being more centered on the underside of my wrist. 

All things considered, Everest’s short rubber strap isn’t just a smaller version of the same rubber Rolex strap that we all know and love. While it certainly is shorter, it has also been redesigned to better suit slender wrists, and the significance of this updated geometry cannot be overstated when it comes to creating a perfect fit.

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Rubber Rolex Strap Submariner 16610

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