Why the Rolex Milgauss Could Be the Hot Watch of 2022

Why the Rolex Milgauss Could Be the Hot Watch of 2022

A lot of people have been saying that the Rolex Milgauss is due for an update and that 2022 might just be the year we will finally see one. However, there is also a good chance that Rolex won’t update the Milgauss at all, but rather discontinue the collection entirely. With that in mind, regardless of which option the iconic Swiss watch manufacturer chooses, any major decision pertaining to the Milgauss has the potential to bring a lot of attention to this long-overlooked model and make it the must-have Rolex for 2022.


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If Rolex does choose to keep the Milgauss as part of its catalog, you can almost guarantee that it will receive a major overhaul, and many collectors speculate that this will likely include a significant aesthetic update along with a new-generation of antimagnetic movement. However, it hardly matters what upgrades and refinements might accompany the new Milgauss because these days, any new stainless steel Rolex model is almost guaranteed to be one of the hottest new releases of the year. 

Alternatively, antimagnetic movements are becoming increasingly more common throughout the industry, and a watch specifically designed for magnetic resistance (let alone one that still relies on an internal shield for its capabilities) is starting to seem more unnecessary each and every year. Therefore, rather than updating the Milgauss to modernize an outdated concept, it’s possible that Rolex might just discontinue it altogether.

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If Rolex does discontinue the Milgauss, it will mean the end of what is currently one of the most unusual and colorful watches in the brand's entire catalog. Between pops of bright orange, a green sapphire crystal, and a lightning bolt shaped seconds hand, the Milgauss is truly unlike any other Rolex. For many years, the Milgauss was considered too unconventional to be a best-seller, but the success of the new colorful Oyster Perpetual dials is proof that today’s buyers are entirely on-board with fun and vibrant Rolex watches.

Based on modern-day trends, the Milgauss should be hugely popular. However, it's possible that the only reason why it isn’t currently more in-demand is because the last update to the collection occurred way back in 2014 and even then, all it received was a new dial color option (although the Z-Blue dial is quite stunning). For collectors that have only been in this hobby for a few years, the Rolex Milgauss might not even be on their radar, and the model getting discontinued might just be the thing that gets people to start talking about it again.

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Any new stainless steel Rolex model will almost always rank among the hottest new releases of the year and if Rolex does introduce a new Milgauss for 2022, it will likely be no exception. However, the Milgauss has never really been a huge seller for Rolex, but just like the numerous legendary artists who only achieved recognition after their death, there is always a possibility that the Milgauss might finally become the must-have Rolex, but only after it gets discontinued.

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