Why the Rolex Day-Date II Could Be Important to Future Collectors

Rolex Day-Date II 41mm

When we talk about what might be important to future collectors, we typically tend to think about Rolex’s various sports watches. However, the Rolex Day-Date is just as iconic as the Submariner or Daytona, yet it doesn't receive nearly the same type of attention as many of its siblings. The Rolex President is probably the single most famous gold watch of all time, yet rarely does it get analyzed in the same way that people study and dissect the brand’s sports models. With that in mind, the discontinued Rolex Day-Date II has the potential to be a classic and it might just be the next hot watch for future collectors.

Rolex Day-Date II Yellow Gold

Image: The Watch Club

The Biggest Rolex President 

Let’s be honest with ourselves, the Rolex President is a statement piece. While there are many luxury watches that are far more lavish in their overall designs, a solid gold watch on a matching gold bracelet is hardly the most understated timepiece available. Gold Rolex watches are internationally recognized status symbols and over the years, they have become synonymous with wealth and success. 

However, one of the things that people tend to forget is that when Rolex discontinued the Day-Date II and released the Day-Date 40, the case of the watch actually shrank by 1mm  (from 41mm down to 40mm). One of the main criticisms of the Day-Date II was that it was too bold and lacked the elegant proportions of the classic 36mm model. Admittedly, this does make the Day-Date II a bit less refined than the current-production Day-Date 40, but for collectors who want their Rolex President to be a statement piece, the older Day-Date II objectively makes a bigger statement.


Image: Bob's Watches

A Relatively Short Production Run

One of the things that can frequently influence a Rolex watch’s value and collectibility is the number of examples in existence, and this is often correlated with how long that specific model remained in production. In regards to the Rolex Day-Date II, it was only produced between 2008 and 2015, which is a relatively short period of time by Rolex’s standards, especially considering that it’s not uncommon for many of the brand’s references to remain in the lineup for well-over a decade.

That being said, the Rolex Day-Date II is hardly what you would consider to be a “rare” watch. There are numerous examples readily available on the pre-owned market and many can still be purchased for roughly the same price as their contemporary 40mm siblings. However, given that the Day-Date 40 will likely continue to remain in production for the foreseeable future, the discontinued 41mm Rolex Day-Date II will only become more unique and special with each year that passes.

Rolex Day-Date II White Gold

Image: OC Watch Guy

The Rolex Day-Date in Pop Culture 

For decades, Day-Date watches have been spotted on the wrists of countless high-profile individuals, and this enduring recognition has made the Rolex President a true staple in popular culture. With that in mind, the collector market for the Day-Date is still in its infancy, and rarely do Rolex President watches sell for the same mind-blowing prices that are often associated with other iconic Rolex collections.

However, multiple generations of collectors have now spent most of their lives seeing Rolex President watches on the wrists of their favorite professional athletes and celebrities. In the same way that countless collectors love the Submariner because they remember seeing it on the wrist of James Bond, interest in the Day-Date collection is only likely to increase in the coming years, and a stand-out model such as the 41mm Rolex Day-Date II might just end up being the next hot watch for future collectors. 

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