Why the new Omega Seamaster 300 is the ideal stand-in for the Submariner

Why the new Omega Seamaster 300 is the ideal stand-in for the Submariner

Omega unveiled a new version of its Seamaster 300 with a tapered bracelet, lollipop seconds hand, onion crown and a sandwich (cut-out) style dial. At 41mm, the latest version of the (vintage style) Seamaster 300 is a worthy competitor the 124060 Submariner, released in late 2020, but virtually impossible to purchase at retail from an authorized dealer.

Seamaster 300 blue

Photo by Monochrome Watches

This is an opportunity for Omega to insert very viable alternatives to offerings from Rolex. Omega fans will argue that the new Seamaster is a better watch anyway on the strength of the intricacies of its Co-Axial movement. At $6,800 in steel, this vintage-inspired watch (available in black or blue dials) is bound to be a great fit for those in the market for a dive watch from a brand with history and prestige.

If you don’t necessarily need a dive watch and enjoy a manual-wind chronograph, Omega’s icon, the latest iteration of the Speedmaster Professional (caliber 3861), is also a hugely viable contender for that steel sport watch spot. The new version features a tapered bracelet, which increases its appeal in comfort and looks. At $6,300 with Hesalite crystal and closed caseback (said the most true-to-the-original version), the new Speedmaster is also a strong contender to fill that everyday fancy tool watch slot in your collection.

Seamaster 300 black

Photo by Monochrome Watches

We understand that if you are looking for a substitute for the Submariner purchase that the new Seamaster 300 is going to scratch that itch much better than a chronograph that is not very water resistant. And we have to give it up to Omega for delivering well with its new take. The case is thinner and there’s less writing on the matte dial and overall it’s just simply a better looking watch than the original. 

omega seamaster 300 profile

Image: Hodinkee

Unless you are dead set against faux aged lume, then the new Seamaster 300 is going to please most dive watch enthusiasts. One can argue that the vintage-inspired trend may be tired, but we think that this watch should not be judged based on baggage that is simply conjured in the minds of watch enthusiasts. We happen to like the actual cream color of the fauxtina and it works well on both black and blue dials, providing a less severe contrast than pure white markers. Plus the fact that the Seamaster 300 doesn’t have crown guards is another plus in this particular esthetic. 

Omega has always had a strong dive watch lineup with its Planet Ocean line and other Seamaster models, but none could really be considered a solid replacement for the Rolex Submariner look and feel. With the new Seamaster 300, you get a top-notch steel diver with a clean, no-date dial and a look that is distinctly its own.

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