Why the Base Panerai is Still King

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Of all the watches beloved by watch enthusiasts, there is still something special about a Panerai Luminor with no running seconds hand. The PAM112 pictured below (crown guard removed for servicing) is shown with a gang of other coveted watches in for servicing at The Art of the Watch in Portland, Oregon.

panerai bae model
Photo by @art_of_the_watch

Clearly, the Panerai is the simplest and boldest of the watch designs. It’s strikingly plain, super-clean and stands out with its sharp contrasting hands and dial markers. While chronographs possess beauty in complexity, the wrist presence of a watch that does nothing else but show the time stands out.

As described on Watchbox.com: “A black dial offers just the essentials. Two hands, both black-oxidized, trace the arc of time. Due to the matte black base of the dial, only the lumed elements of the hands stand out. A ‘sandwich’ dial hews to the same construction practices pioneered and sustained since the 1930s; a black stencil dial bearing the indices and numerals is superimposed atop a fully-painted luminescent disc.”

panerai base watch model
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The version of this watch that’s available now (new from an authorized dealer) is the PAM00560, which features an in-house manual-wind movement with an 8-day power reserve (vs. the Unitas/ETA movement in the 112). 

Both are a joy to wear and possess that unmistakable brand identity from afar. If you require a running seconds hand, there are Luminor models available with a small-seconds configuration, but it’s just not as clean as the versions with just an hour and minute hand.

Everest sells rubber and leather straps for these Panerai models that provide an ultra sleek curved end fitment from the strap to the case. Check them out here.


Like a solid pair of jeans and understated T-shirt, the Panerai Base models can serve as a style foundation.  It’s easy to switch up your straps for new looks. You can actually get spring bars to replace the screw-in bar and tube system the Panerai Luminor models come with. There’s no functional advantage, but some owners don’t like to risk scratching the sides of their cases with a slipped screwdriver.

While of course we’d like you to try an Everest strap for your Panerai, our company ethos lies in customization and encourages you to change up your look often.

There is a huge worldwide aftermarket strap culture for Paneristi (the nickname for Panerai enthusiasts) that is worth exploring. With a plain-looking Panerai it’s easy to try new colors and textures to complement your Base model.

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