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The Everest Journal

by Marissa Bickert March 03, 2020 2 min read

What model of Rolex do you own? Maybe it is new, or maybe it is vintage. How long have you owned it for? It could be gold, steel or two tone. Does it have a jubilee or oyster bracelet? Maybe it is the hulk, pepsi, batman or rootbeer. All of these questions help determine which Everest Strap will fit, and look best, with your precious Rolex watch. 

You can shop our product collectionshere for your specific Rolex model.

So, now that you found which Everest strap is going to look best on your watch you ask yourself, “Why should I swap my bracelet for a strap?” 

Here are 4 reasons as to why you should swap your bracelet for a strap:

1.Preserve your bracelet

If you wear your Rolex day to day on its original bracelet, you can attest to how many scratches you might acquire on your bracelet over time. It is important to preserve your bracelet and keep it in pristine condition, but that is hard to do when you want to wear that watch you have worked hard for. Yes, you could keep it in a watch roll or case for show, and if you are a collector and this is what you prefer, we support that. Although, here at Everest we prefer to wear our Rolex, but we know it is hard to do if you are scared you are going to scratch the bracelet. So, we like to swap the bracelet to a rubber, nylon, or leather strap to keep the bracelet in the best condition. 

daytona watch strap

2.Get a brand new watch

Swapping to a strap is an easy and cheaper way to get the look of a brand new watch with a few quick steps. A rubber strap can make your watch look more sporty while a leather strap can make your watch look vintage. Take a look at how swapping the bracelet to a strap changes the look of these models:

Yacht Master 126622

yachtmaster on rubber watch strap

Submariner 16610

submariner on leather watch strap

3.Quality and Comfort

We all know Rolex makes the highest quality of products, so at Everest we strive for the same. Our straps, whether rubber, leather or nylon, are made from the highest quality material. Our products are made in Switzerland with a curved end made precise to fit your Rolex model. 

While we love the option of a bracelet, sometimes a bracelet can start to feel heavy or bulky. When this is the case, swap to one of our straps for extreme comfort. Our straps have a little to no break in period, so as soon as you swap you will feel at ease and ready to take on the day.

explorer watch band rolex


Any Rolex model looks great on its original bracelet, but it is great to have multiple options. Just as you decide which shoes match your outfit everyday, you should be able to choose which strap is going to match your outfit and watch. A bracelet is great for special events or a day in the office, but swapping the bracelet for a rubber strap is great for sporting events or casual weekends. Who wouldn't want the best of both worlds? 


Marissa Bickert
Marissa Bickert

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