Why Everyone Needs an Everyday Watch

Why Everyone Needs an Everyday Watch

Every collection should have an everyday watch. 

Watches can be divided into various categories: field, diver, pilot, travel, dress, and beater. Any watch from any of these categories could be your everyday watch, as it all depends on your personal taste. An everyday watch is one that can be worn in most (not all) situations and look good doing it. Of course, what defines an everyday watch is highly personal, but I would argue that you need one in your collection. 

rolex explorer watch with black dial on wrist

Source: www.perpetualpassion.com  

What Is an Everyday Watch?

Commonly referred to as GADA which stands for “Go Anywhere Do Anything”, it is a type of watch that you feel comfortable wearing at the office, for social events, and on the week-ends doing whatever hobby you may have. Whether it be hiking, camping, playing golf or surfing, the ideal everyday watch should be able to perform well in all of these situations. Which means it should be robust, have decent water resistance, a sapphire crystal, a good strap or bracelet (or both) and be able to withstand minor shocks and some dust. 

For some people who only have one watch, this could be their everyday watch. For others, and especially beginner and seasoned collectors, an everyday watch can be one of the many timepieces you have in your collection. However, it must be able to fulfill the above description. Visually, it can be anything you want, small or large, dressy or not, as long as you feel comfortable wearing it in most situations you will find yourself in. I’d argue that you can find this watch if you haven’t already. 

rolex airking on green rubber strap

 Source: Reddit @r/rolex    Product: Rubber Strap for Rolex Air-King

Examples of Great Everyday Watches 

There are many good examples of watches that come at different price points and herald from various countries. If I had to pick just a couple, it would be the Rolex Explorer 1 and 2—any reference for either—as they are my type of everyday watch: they are built for adventurers and for exploration, which is what I’m into. To me, actually, going through daily life is in itself an adventure for which I need a solid watch. So either of these Rolexes fits the bill, especially the Explorer 2 due to its versatility and extra oomph of character (especially if looking at the reference 16550 and 16570.) 

rolex explorer watch pre 2011 with polar dial on black rubber watch strap

Rubber Strap for Rolex Explorer

Since an everyday watch should be able to be used in most situations, it has to be able to be fitted with a variety of straps to match the different occasions. Staying with the example of the Explorer 2, in addition to coming with a pretty amazing bracelet, one should have in its collection a good leather strap like this one and a solid rubber strap like this one that comes in various colors.  

What’s nice about having an everyday watch is that we can match the way it looks to a situation, for example using the bracelet for everyday wear, putting on a nice leather strap for the office, and a rubber strap for the weekend. It’s like having three watches in one, and that is also another key characteristic of a good everyday watch. 

Final Thoughts 

So an everyday watch is not only one that looks good in most situations and that is well-made, but it is also one that can be dressed up and down by way of swapping a great bracelet for a good strap, and vice versa. The Explorer 2 might be too much on the sporty side for some, however it very nicely ticks many of the boxes for an everyday watch. On the lower-end of the spectrum one could go for a Seiko diver or Alpinist, which can also be dressed up or down with the appropriate strap. 


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