Why You Need an Everest Band on Your Wrist


Let’s start with the basics - why curved end? Curved end straps allow wearers to enjoy a smooth transition between strap and watch case (meaning there’s no gap!) No gap for dirt, dust, skin cells to find their way into, no gap to get caught on something, ripping the strap off your wrist. And ultimately, no unsightly gap to see! So - the first decision is a curved end. 


As we dive into the art of creating a curved end rubber strap to the exact dimensions of a watch case, we have driven to perfect the art and continue to be innovative and reach higher. The design of the strap is not a simple task. It requires finesse in designing each line and element of the strap to be cohesive. The details of the pin holes, the innovation of the channeling system, the tapering of the strap, the thickness for durability yet comfort are all equally important elements to the design. 


The watch band molds find their home in the land of horology - Switzerland. Once the design has been completed with exact measurements to the specific watch case it is destined to fit, the molds are then built around the design. With the rubber material, the sample straps are created by top watch band manufacturers and sent to the Everest HQ for fitment testing. Once the sample has been approved by our designer, full production moves forward to become available for you - our #watchfam. 

Each strap is inspected when hand assembled prior to shipping. The care and precision behind each step of the process makes Everest Bands the perfect aftermarket rubber watch band solution. 


Looking at the material itself. There are countless materials that say they are “rubber” such as silicone, thermoplastic, EPDM, HNBR, NBR, etc. Everest rubber polymer is is true vulcanized rubber. We found a set of fake Rolex oysterflex style bands on Ebay and decided to purchase the item to see the difference in material. Upon receiving them, they are definitely plastic. And require you to cut the band to the right size. We purchased an additional band online and upon receiving the item, the material smelled strongly of vanilla. Everest's scentless vulcanized rubber is pure rubber with the durability.

With excellent resistance to UV rays, excessive heat and cold, stretching, tearing, dirt and dust, abrasion and water, the material can easily be cleaned with dish soap and a toothbrush. See our cleaning video here on more tips to clean your watch as well. 

With 9 sizing holes on our tang buckle strap and 6 different combinations of deployant sizes (4, 5 or 6 links), each strap is designed to fit your wrist comfortably. There's no need to cut the strap to your size as other brands require. A perfect cut is difficult to accomplish, leaving the band looking unfinished as you can see from the below example. 

rubberb watch strap

If you need help sizing or installing your band, you can find additional information hereAdditionally, if you need assistance with sizing you can email us here or email info@everestbands.com with an image similar to the image above.

Another issue that stems from cutting a band, is the connection to the clasp. Everest's bands perfectly integrate with a Rolex clasp allowing the diver extension to still be used. But, when cutting straps is required you lose that siing mobility in the diver's extension. 

And the clasp does not sit flat on your wrist due to the material inside the clasp. 

rolex deployant clasp rubber

Everest’s choice of a robust, over-engineered case connection resonates from the inspiration of Rolex's focus on creating a perfect, above the bar design in every aspect of the watch. Everest’s rubber strap does exactly that, it connects to the case seamlessly. It is strengthened with a permanent hardened insert that is embedded in the rubber at the connection of the case. The case connection is gap-free (the only way to go), resistant to jarring and keeps the essence of your watch perfectly.

swiss watch band for daytona rolex

With an innovative design, durable material, and a strong connection point, each band is crafted to perfection. Quality, technology and beauty are corners of every Everest product line. Make sure you check out Everest’s rubber watch bands for your Rolex or Tudor (Panerai coming soon)!

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