Why a Watch Band for Your Rolex?

Rolex watches on rubber and leather strap

Bracelet versus Watch Band? Which do you prefer? Obviously, here at Everest Bands, we tend to lean towards the watch band decision, but we wanted to share with you why.

Bracelet versus watch band is very personal preference focused, but don’t let metal bracelets limit you to a chunky, masculine look. Switching your bracelet out for a watch band can not only change the overall look, but it adds comfort and changes the feel of the watch as well.

rolex submariner leather watch band

The easiest and quickest way to change the look and feel of a watch is switching out the bracelet. Vintage Leather straps offer a comfortable winter option to give the watch more character during the cold, dreary months of winter. Additionally, switching to a leather watch strap will warm up your wrist as the metal bracelet is definitely colder with colder weather.

Watch band preference can also be dependent on your lifestyle. Leather and rubber watch bands do offer more comfort than a metal bracelet while sitting at your computer all day long. However, you would not want to choose a leather watch band for water sports or if you tend to live in high humid areas and spend a lot of time outdoors as leather watch bands can be damaged by sweat. A well-made, breathable rubber watch band is perfect for activities outside where you don’t have to worry about scratching your metal bracelet or damaging your leather band.

Rolex Submariner rubber watch strap oyster bracelet

Alligator Leather or Alligator Embossed Leather watch bands offer a more formal look just as a scratch-free bracelet does. To prevent your metal bracelet from scratches, again, switching it out for a durable rubber watch band is a wise choice. It is important to preserve your bracelet for formal events or even for better resale. Again, working at a keyboard all day can completely destroy your bracelet or buckle with minute little scratches.

What’s really fun about switching your bracelet out for a watch band is you can truly change the look but also highlight different coloring options. For example, putting an red rubber watch band on an Explorer 2 with a red GMT hand can really make that red hand pop, adding even more character to a watch that is just dying to tell a story. You can use leather watch bands to coordinate accessories for your different outfits. Again, pulling on more subtle details to make a stronger stand.

Rolex Explorer red rubber watch strap

Don’t let your fear of watch bands limit your ability to accessorize your wardrobe to make a statement. Switch out your watch bracelet for a watch band and discover a new look and feel! Discover daring adventure when you step outside of your box and customize your Rolex.  Even Rolex offers leather strap options for certain models including the Daytonas & Cellini's. Additionally, we have seen a significant rise in the Oyster-Flex Watch Band Rolex released recently being utilized in new models more and more. Just like Rolex, its time to jump on board with the idea of a rubber or leather watch band for your Rolex.

rolex on rubber watch band

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