Where You Should Vacation This Summer, Based on Your Watch Choice

Where You Should Vacation This Summer, Based on Your Watch Choice

It’s the middle of the winter, and an arctic blast is rocking the U.S of A. Texas is getting seriously hammered, and temps across the midwest are lingering in the single digits. It’s months like this that we start dreaming of warmer climates. With 2020 putting a damper on both domestic and international travel, we’re even more excited to spread our wings for spring and summer travel in 2021. If you’re starting to plan your warm weather vacations, why not choose your destination based on your favorite Rolex or Tudor watch? We’ve done the hard work of matching up your reference preference with your destination location -- all you have to do is book the tickets. Enjoy!   

submariner on everest rubber strap

Rolex Submariner on Black Rubber Everest Band.

Rolex Submariner 

Seattle’s San Juan Islands can’t be beat in the summer, especially if your propensity for dive watches also betrays a love of the ocean’s depths. Lopez, Orcas, and Whidbey are a great place to start. Even at 60 feet, you’ll see an incredible diversity of species swimming among the bull kelp, including king crabs, giant sculpins, sunflower stars, and nudibranchs. Once you’ve appreciated the local sea life, head to The Duck Soup Inn or the Inn at Langley for seafood preparations you won’t soon forget. 

san juan washington

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Rolex Explorer 

rolex explorer on rubber everest band

Rolex Explorer on Black Rubber Strap from Everest

Head to the mountains for crisp refreshing air, unbeatable vistas, and killer hiking and rock climbing opportunities. After a year of Zoom meetings, you’re ready for a wild encounter at Banff National Park just outside of Alberta, Canada. The views at Bow Lake are unbelievable, and your Explorer will inspire you to hike to the top of Sulphur Mountain. However, if staying inside all winter has you feeling slightly out of shape, no worries: there’s a fully-functioning gondola that can deliver you safely to the summit. All of the glory, none of the exhaustion.  

banff national park

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Rolex Yacht-Master 

rolex yachtmaster on blue rubber everest band

Blue Rubber Everest Band (tang buckle) on a Rolex Yacht-Master

Yeah, we know where you’ll be come summer: sunning on the deck of The Fauci, your recently renamed vessel, just outside of Turks and Caicos. If you feel T&C is done to death, consider Europe-by-yacht, especially the hidden gem of  Malaga, Spain. Gorgeous architecture and an unbelievable string of beaches make it a must-visit. And maybe we’re just missing Basel, but sailing around Lake Neuchâtel sounds just about right for mid-July. 

malaga spain

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If you’re looking for another European yachting destination that’s off the beaten path, check out the Schleswig-Holstein peninsula. This Danish/German hybrid locale offers sandy beaches, WW2 history, and the best marzipan you’ll ever eat. Bon voyage!

Tudor Heritage Chrono 

tudor chrono

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Feeling lucky, punk? Of course you are, because you have the Monaco-inspired Heritage Chrono on your wrist. The design of the Tudor Heritage Chrono is largely based on the Tudor reference 7169 chronograph, affectionately known as the Monte Carlo chronograph since the dial resembles the famous roulette wheels of Monaco. 

monaco monte carlo

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Play the wheels and the odds at this beachside haven for upper-crust gamblers. After you tire of watching the house win, you have the entire French Riviera at your doorstep to explore. If you’re there in May, so much the better. You can catch the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, a see-and-be-seen racing event where you’ll need a well-appointed chronograph to track the circuit laps. In a sea of Ferraris, Rolexes, and Tudors make yours stand out from the crowd with a custom Tudor strap from Everest.

Get Your Rolex Summer Ready 

Get your Swiss-made watch ready for summer with an impeccably designed Everest Band rubber strap. Our highly-rated straps have thousands of five-star reviews. Complete your collection today by choosing several colors for your favorite Rolex, Tudor, or Panerai reference. You’ll feel like you’ve bought a new watch for a fraction of the cost. Use the money you’ve saved on a ticket for an international flight for a much-needed post-vaccination trip. 

White Rubber Everest Band on a Rolex GMT Master II

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By Meghan Clark 


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