What's The Best Watch Tool Kit for My Rolex?

What's The Best Watch Tool Kit for My Rolex?

Whether you are changing your watch strap to enhance the comfort and look of your timepiece, or simply adjusting your watch bracelet to better fit your wrist, the vast array of watch tools available can feel overwhelming and even confusing at times. Sure, you can always take your watch to a jeweler or Rolex AD to help install a strap or adjust sizes, but if you are into simple DIY and have used a basic screwdriver before, using Everest watch tools is relatively easy and intuitive to understand. When it comes to Everest watch tools, there really isn’t a wrong tool to use for your Rolex or Tudor watch, there is simply the decision of which tool is the right tool for you, personally.

Everest offers 3 tiers of watch tools. Every tier is made from extremely high quality materials, such as stainless steel with grooved barrels, and every tier will work perfectly for changing a strap on a watch.  These tiers are: Travel Watch Tools, Premier Watch Tools, and Watchmaker Caliper Tools.

What tools come in a watch tool kit? 

Let’s start by discussing the universal components of all Everest watch tools. Then, we will break down the different tools Everest offers so we have a complete understanding of which tools are best for you and your particular Rolex or Tudor watch (or other watches as well). It’s important to note that every Everest watch tool kit comes with a combination of at least 2 tools – a spring bar remover tool, and a screwdriver. These two types of tools are generally the only tools you will need to change the watch strap on your watch.

What is a watch spring bar removal tool used for? 

Spring Bar Tool

Spring bar remover tools have a forked tip and are used to remove the spring bars in a watch at the location where the bracelet attaches to the case. They are also used to attach watch straps to the watch case in this location. Spring bar remover tools can also be used to attach a buckle to a watch strap, if applicable. Spring bar removal tools work by delicately depressing the spring bar to get it to either pop into place or pop out of place. Spring bar remover tools come in a few different sizes and types (a single forked piece or double forked caliper types).

What is a watch screwdriver used for?

Rolex Bracelet Screwdriver

Everest tool kits also come with screwdrivers – these small tools are used to remove bracelet links from your watch and also to install a deployant watch strap. Everest screwdrivers come in 2 types — one specifically for Oyster bracelets (pictured below, left) and one for Jubilee bracelets (pictured below, right) as each of those watch bracelets include screws of different sizes. While all Everest screwdrivers are excellent quality, there is one notable difference that may be important to you and that is the size of the screwdriver tip. Jubilee screwdriver tips are smaller (1.4mm) and will work for Jubilee, Tudor, and Oyster bracelets. Oyster screwdriver tips are bigger (1.6mm) and will only work for watches on Oyster bracelets. It’s important to know which bracelet type you have before selecting an Everest tool kit. 

Oyster vs. Jubilee Rolex Bracelet

Image Source: rolexforums.com

Tier 1: Very Good | Travel Tool Kits from Everest

Travel Tool Kit Everest

Travel Oyster Bracelet Tool Kit and Travel Jubilee Bracelet Tool Kit

Everest’s Travel Tool Kits are a great option for budget-minded customers or for people who travel often using carry-on items. This size of this tool kit is technically TSA carry-on approved, as TSA approves any screwdriver under seven inches. Everest Travel Tool kits include a screwdriver with a 1.6mm tip (for watches on Oyster bracelets) or a screwdriver with a 1.4mm tip (for watches on Jubilee bracelets or Tudor models) and a universal travel sized spring bar tool. The screwdriver makes it possible to take off or add links to your watch. It is also a helpful tool to use when taking off your original Rolex clasp and putting it onto Everest's deployant strap. On the other hand, the spring bar tool helps to assist the spring bars out of the lug holes and off of the watch’s case. These two tools make it so that the installation process is easy and quick! Due to the smaller size of these tools, we wouldn’t recommend them to customers with large hands, or customers who don’t feel confident using small tools. These tools retail for approximately $25-$30.

Tier 2: Even Better Premier Tool Kits from Everest

Premier Toolkit Everest Rolex

Premier Oyster Bracelet Tool Removal and Installation Set and Premier Jubilee and Tudor Bracelet Tool Removal and Installation Set.

Like all Everest watch tool kits, the premier tool kits come with both a watch screwdriver and a spring bar remover tool.  However, one notable difference from the travel tool kits is the type of springbar removal tool included. In the premier tool kits, customers benefit from a more versatile and larger spring bar tool. This tool features an interchangeable and replaceable spring bar head and offers a reversible tip for a vintage lug style spring bar removal pin or a modern spring bar removal fork tip. The tool has a blasted finish which ensures the tool does not slip while installing straps or bracelets. The grooved barrel and rotating head of the screwdriver offers an easy install or removal of 1.6mm screws or 1.4mm screws, respectively, and offer precise fits for Rolex oyster or jubilee links, Rolex, Tudor, and Everest buckles. We would recommend these tools for customers who like a larger tool in their hands or who are looking for a more premier product. These tools retail for approximately $45-$50.

Tier 3: The Best of the Best | Caliper Tool Kits from Everest

Everest Caliper Tool Kit

Everest Spring Bar Calipers and Watchmakers Screwdriver for Oyster Bracelet and Everest Spring Bar Calipers and Watchmakers Screwdriver for Jubilee and Tudor Bracelet 

This tool kit is the best of the best, the ultimate tool watch kit that allows you to remove your watch bracelet from the case with absolute ease, comfort, and precision. The beauty of this tool kit is that it is both the preferred tool kit of hard-core experienced watch enthusiasts, while also simultaneously being the best and easiest watch tool kit for beginners. This kit includes a black, high quality antimagnetic stainless steel Everest Tweezer which is a professional watchmaker tool. These caliper tweezers are equipped with very fine forked tips to reach narrow openings as small as 1mm which gives the user easy and safe access to the spring bars with minimal risk of scratching the back of the lugs or losing a spring bar. Instead of needing to pop out each side of a spring bar individually, the tweezers allow you to pop both out at one time with one easy, smooth motion. Included in this ultimate tool kit is Everest's premier screwdriver, equipped with a grooved barrel and rotating head, extra forked tips, and a tool to tighten the calipers as needed. These tools demand a higher price point but are well worth it for the ease of installation, ease of use, and peace of mind in protecting the case of your Rolex. Here's a video of the springbar calipers in action.

Deciding which tool kit is best for you is a personal decision. If you want the absolute best, safest, and easiest, we highly recommend the Everest Spring Bar Calipers and Watchmakers Screwdriver for Oyster Bracelet or the jubilee version of this tool. However, all of Everest watch tool kits are high quality and will work extremely well for changing the strap or adjusting your Rolex watch.

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