What Will 2021 Bring To The Rolex Milgauss?

What Will 2021 Bring To The Rolex Milgauss?

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Over the last 18 months the amount of predictions of what Rolex could do with their line up has been pretty interesting. Many have predicted that Rolex will modify the design of the Explorer II because they have come out with a new variation of all of it’s models around the fifty year mark. Another model that keeps popping up on forums and with the online press is the Milgauss. In 2020, Monochrome watches predicted that the Milgauss would get a complete face lift.

We also felt that Rolex would be doing a serious overhaul of the design of the Milgauss back in 2020. I guess since every watch brand has been pulling up 50’s and 60’s watch designs and using those as the base for new models or redesigns we thought Rolex would follow suit on the Milgauss. However, this is Rolex. They are the trend setter and in 2020, they did not follow the trends of other watch brands. Their little brother Tudor back in 2018 released the Black Bay 58 and made it 39mm. In 2020, Tudor embraced the monoblock design that was made popular by Genta’s Audemars Piguet and Patek Phillippe creations. But Rolex, instead of following the trend of making watches smaller, they made them bigger!

Submariner 12660 vs Milgauss

Rolex Size Trends in 2020 and 2021

In 2020, the Submariner that had been 40 mm wide for literally sixty years, magically became 41mm. The Sea-dweller also grew in size from 40 mm to 43 mm a few years ago. Not to mention the Oyster Perpetual went from 39 mm wide to a beautiful 41 mm wide last year. To be honest almost all of the Rolex sports models are now offered in plus 40 mm wide cases. The Milgauss is already 40mm wide and is quite thick compared to its brethren. 

This thickness is due to a unique Rolex technology that protects the movement from magnetic forces. There is a soft iron shield that safeguards the movement from magnetic forces. The ability to block magnetism makes the Milgauss the perfect watch for scientists and engineers.  The name Milgauss is derived from the French term of “mille” meaning 1000 and gauss, a measurement of magnetic force. 

Possible Changes To the Milgauss in 2021

Going back to any possible changes to the Milgauss, one area that makes incredible sense is a movement upgrade. The current model uses the incredible 3135 Rolex caliber. Over the last four years Rolex has slowly been updating all of its 36 mm and above watches to now have the 32XX series movements. Here is our breakdown of that new class of movements. We would expect Rolex to use the 3235 movement since this is the standard time and date movement used on the Submariner, Yacht-Master, Datejust, etc. It is their go to caliber, and with its 70 plus hour power reserve and new Chronengery escapement it just makes sense.

rolex caliber 3235

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Could there be a new dial color on the Rolex Milguass?

Another possible scenario that we predict is an additional dial color option. The Millgauss at one point came with a white dial. Right now it is only offered in a sunburst turquoise color and a lacquer black. We could see Rolex wanting to add the white back into the mix since at the moment white is a pretty infrequently used dial color in the Rolex lineup.

Rolex Milgauss white dial

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Our Final Rolex Milguass Predictions for 2021

However, we are going to go out on a limb and say that other than that, we should not expect much change. In the years past the original Milgauss was a very sporty looking watch with a turning bezel and a honeycomb dial. Rolex made such a large change when it released the re-released Milgauss in 2007. Rolex is unlikely to make a gigantic change back to the original design even though many have taken the time to create super cool renderings like the ones from Monochrome watches. We just do not personally feel that Rolex will do much other than a possible dial color addition and movement upgrade. Sorry for the downer folks, but the Milguass already has quite a magnetic personality. 

Rolex Milgauss on everest band 

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