What to do when someone close to you shows an interest in watches?

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It’s finally happening! Your spouse, partner, child, friend, boss has finally shown a slight interest in watches! (insert the Michel Scott “Stay Calm” meme here) This is the moment that you’ve been waiting for…a chance to share all of the knowledge you’ve acquired after your years of scrolling watch forums, social media groups, and boutiques. And then, odds are, you blow it. So what happened? Today, we’re sharing our steps on how to turn the slightest bit of interest into a hobby that you can both enjoy. But I’ll go ahead and warn you, sharing watches may be an unexpected result of your success so have that sizing kit on hand. 

Step 1 - STAY CALM!

This seems like a simple enough first step right? But for so many of us, we let our excitement get the best of us and we tend to go a little crazy. We pull out our history lessons, our watch catalogs, and sit them in front of a computer signing them up for every forum we know. This is all a big mistake. Think of it like dating…it’s never good to come on strong too fast. Your, let's call it “intensity” can be off-putting. There is a delicate balance here that must be achieved.

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Step 2 - Have a Conversation

“What has you interested in getting a watch?” Seems simple enough right? Finding out the “why” is a key part to successful conversion. They may be interested in a watch because of a special event coming up. Maybe they’re celebrating an achievement soon. Or maybe they’re just curious to learn more about the thing that you’re so passionate about. Whatever the reason, having a conversation will guide your next steps into how serious and how in-depth they want to go here. The next questions to ask would be what they’re interested in. Get a bit of an idea as to what they’re looking for, this way you can be a good guide for step #3 (the most important step).

Step #3 - In Person Watch Shopping

I know it’s easy to shop online, but my advice would be to avoid this step and go right in person to your local watch dealer. No website can take the place of trying things on and getting an in-person view. Plus, we all know that most watch brand websites are a pain to navigate. So, make an appointment to go to your local AD and spend some time there. Maybe even make a day out of it. Grab lunch, and do some shopping, today is all about them. When you get to your dealer there are a few things I recommend:

  • Find a salesperson that matches their personality. Just like you have your “person” at the dealer who just gets you, it’s equally important that they have the same. 
  • Let them guide the entire experience. We all know who the expert here is, and it’s hard not to try and share every bit of that knowledge possible, but this visit to the store is not about you. Their voice and their opinion should be the dominant one. This also is true for your salesperson. This is supposed to be a fun day for them, not a history lesson on century-old watch brands or a lecture about movement details. 
  • Put your preferences aside. This is their time just to play around and see what they like. Sizing, movements, dial colors, bracelets…anything goes while they discover what they like. 
  • Let it be fun!

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Step #4 - Get Them The Watch They ACTUALLY Want

We all have those preferences as watch enthusiasts. Sometimes we cringe at things like quartz watches, fashion watches, and the lack of history in watch brands. I think this is the hardest step in the process. We are here as guides, to pass along our knowledge, but that’s all. Our preferences don’t get to be the final say in their first watch purchase. Whether you agree with it or not, your partner or friend should be encouraged to get what makes them happy. After all, they’re the one that is going to be wearing it each day. 

Fingers crossed that if you follow these simple (yet strangely so difficult as a watch enthusiast) steps, you’ll soon have a fellow watch nerd to share the hobby with. But maybe this will be the only watch they ever own and they won’t be diving deep in, and that’s okay too. Either way, we are here to encourage and share our knowledge. And hopefully, to add more watch geeks to the overall population! Good luck on your journey. Disclaimer, we take no responsibility for adding another watch nerd into your household after these steps which will inevitably reduce your disposable income on buying watches just for you. So, proceed with caution.

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