What To Buy For Her: 10 Gifts Women Actually Want

Love Actually character shares what women want for Christmas

If you’re a watch guy, you’ve got good taste. You appreciate the finer things in life, the intricate details, and you enjoy a nice (and sometimes overly expensive) piece of jewelry on your wrist. Your iphone photo reel is filled with wrist shots and attempted macros.

Your significant other might not understand the obsession, but that’s ok. She’s cool with it because it makes you happy. But what makes her happy? This holiday season let’s celebrate the support and love of our significant others. This gift guide is the perfect guide for the watch guy’s girlfriend or spouse.

First of all, and this is key--women don’t want something they need...they want something they want. Sure she might say she wants a new air fryer and she probably does. But that’s a gift for a Tuesday. Trust me, give her the air fryer on a Tuesday “just because,” and you can thank me later.

What To Buy For Her: 10 Gifts Women Actually Want

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During the holidays women love getting things that are unexpected, things that are pretty, things that are fancy, ultimately things she secretly desires but would never buy for herself because they feel too extravagant or impractical. 

Why Take Our Advice?

Here's why: Every gift on this list has been personally owned or experienced by me (a woman), none of these are sponsored products, each one has hundreds of 5 star reviews, AND each one is in stock and available to safely order online right now (at the time of publication). This gift guide is rock-solid.

This gift guide will help you absolutely nail it this holiday season, and we’ll rank the gifts from least expensive to most (within reason). We suggest you scroll all the way down because she deserves it, and when she feels special, you’ll reap the benefits as well.

Happy wife, happy life right?


  1. Kendra Scott Necklace
kendra scott necklace

The Kendra Scott necklace is dainty, elegant and frequently complimented. The price range for these products ranges from $48 to above $1,000 however, the brand is best known for their inexpensive, but beautiful and recognizable jewelry which is why we put this brand in the under $100 range.

Although there are a wide variety of styles here, the most popular shape by far of these necklaces is the horizontal oval shape as seen above. The single pendant which sells for $68 is available in dozens of beautiful color combinations. My personal favorite is the double pendant (shown above) in rose gold, which retails for $88.

Buy the Kendra Scott Necklace here.

  1. The Sophie Faux Fur Blanket by Anthropologie

what to buy your significant other

This oversized faux fur plush blanket from Anthropologie is certain to make any woman happy. It’s made with eco-friendly materials, and at a size of 70x60 inches, it is perfect for cuddle sessions. It comes in 4 beautiful shades of white, blush, gray, and ochre (mustard yellow) to fit any decor.

Buy the Sophie Faux Fur Blanket here

  1. Corkcicle Wine Tumblers
corkcicle wine tumbler

Not only are these stylish, they are the perfect gift for wine drinkers, especially in 2020. With spending more time outside, these little thermos will keep your drink cold (or hot) while you're socially distancing around the firepit with your quarantine bubble.

These adorable tumblers are triple insulated, have a non slip bottom, and a snug-fitting clear acrylic lid. They can be used for wine or coffee/hot cocoa (or any other beverage---I had a bourbon/ginger ale in mine). They range between $25-27, making them more expensive than a regular glass, but much cuter and more functional as well.  Although they come in dozens of colors, my most favorite color right now is “unicorn dreams.” 

Pro-tip: Buy a manly one for yourself as well (or unicorn dreams if you love it--you do you). Then, instacart a nice bottle of red wine, cuddle up with a blanket, and make it a date night.

Buy Corkcicle Wine Tumblers here


  1. The Barefoot Dreams© In the Wild Throw Blanket 


The Barefoot Dreams© In the Wild Throw Blanket

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No practical woman would feel comfortable spending $180 on a blanket, unless maybe they’re a celebrity, but any woman certainly would enjoy the hell out of receiving one as a gift. Speaking of celebrities, Chrissy Teigen swears by it, saying it’s truly the best thing ever.

It’s large enough to be shareable, so incredibly plush, and literally the softest thing you will ever feel. If animal print isn’t her thing, it also comes in a variety of solid colors. Netflix and chill, anyone?

Buy the Barefoot Dreams© In The Wild Blanket here.

  1. Ugg Slippers: Fluff Yeah Slide
Ugg Slippers: Fluff Yeah Slide

With nearly 6,000 5-star reviews, you can rest assured that these aren’t your momma’s house slippers. Chic, whimsical, and comfy as heck, any woman would love to wear these slippers around the house. They also have a solid sturdy bottom so they could be worn outside the house as well!

They are big, fluffy, and borderline ridiculous which are just a few of the reasons why they are so loved by women. Available in a tremendous variety of color combinations, you are sure to find something she will like. 

Buy The Ugg Fluff Yeah Slide Slippers here.

  1. A Year-Long Subscription to FabFitFun


A Year-Long Subscription to FabFitFun

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This is one of my favorite gifts on the guide because it is a gift that lasts ALL YEAR long. You can pay $179 for the entire year, or make quarterly payments of $50. Once signed up, she will get 4 boxes a year and they are filled with high-quality name brand beauty, lifestyle, and fashion items.

From luxury makeup, to robes, to Lilly Pulitzer designer coffee cups, these boxes are highly instagrammable and sure to surprise and delight every time one gets dropped off at her doorstep. It is such a fun experience to get a new gift box filled with all kinds of goodies!

She can customize her boxes online or just be surprised! And the best part is, every time she receives a new box, she’ll think of you. 

Buy the FabFitFun Subscription here.


  1. Louis Vuitton Candles


Louis Vuitton Candles

(Image Candle Set)


Wait, what? Louis Vuitton sells candles? Yes, they do and boy are they exquisite. The quality is incredibly high, the wax melts slow and smooth, and the fragrances are simply transcendent. 

Is it extravagant? Yes. Is it boujee? Also yes. Will she absolutely love the luxury of having Louis Vuitton candles? Hell yes. The candles, adorned with gold lids and beautiful leather straps, come in 2 sizes: medium at $190 a pop, and a large multi-wick at $595. 

However, the best kept secret? If you scroll down the site, you’ll see that they sell a miniature 3-pack for $285. The three pack has the gorgeous gold lids, but not the leather detail, which was sad but not a deal-breaker for me. The best part about the 3-pack is you get their three signature fragrances, and from there you can choose which ones to buy in the larger size later. And trust me, you’ll want more.

Buy the Louis Vuitton Candles here.

  1. Burberry Mega Check Cashmere Scarf


Burberry Mega Check Cashmere Scarf

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Burberry screams luxury and this cashmere scarf in the classic plaid pattern will not only be instantly recognizable, but is also incredibly warm and soft. It can be worn in a variety of ways and truly adds a touch of class and sophistication to any winter outfit. The neutral colors go with anything and everything and compliment any skin tone. If you’re going to buy Burberry, go with some version of the classic pattern and you won’t be disappointed. 

Buy the Burberry Mega Check Cashmere Scarf here


  1. The Louis Vuitton Graceful MM

womens gift guide for rolex

Every woman thinks they want the LV “Neverfull” but let me tell you, what they actually want is the “Graceful.” It’s like the grown-ass woman version of the neverfull. Larger, roomier, thicker, much more chic, and much less basic. It holds everything, keeps a beautiful shape, is very classic LV in its design, and gets a ton of compliments.

The bag comes in PM (smaller) and MM (larger) but bigger is always better when it comes to Louis Vuitton, so go with the MM. At $1,560, and arriving in a large beautiful orange box, she is sure to be very happy with this gift.

Buy the Louis Vuitton Graceful MM here.

  1. Van Cleef and Arpels Vintage Alhambra Pendant 

Van Cleef and Arpels Vintage Alhambra Pendant

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 & (Image white stone)

Swoon. Van Cleef and Arpels has been around since the early 1900’s and just oozes class, style, and sophistication. Their jewelry is so beautiful, and the quality and craftsmanship is second to none.

My most favorite in the collection is the yellow gold and black onyx vintage Alhambra Pendant which was created in the 1960s and worn by many celebrities and royal figures. The black onyx stone and little gold ball details surrounding it make this necklace an instant classic without being too “fancy.” This necklace looks just as good with leggings as it does with black tie attire. 

Another great choice is the more modern version called the “Pure Alhambra Pendant” in mother of pearl. This one is thicker than the vintage iteration both in the chain and in the pendant. If you like the look of this jewelry be sure to check out their website to see literally hundreds of beautiful color combinations from red, white, turquoise blue, green, tiger eye, and more. White gold and yellow gold variations exist, but right now, yellow gold is in. 

Perhaps you were lucky enough to get yourself a new Rolex Oyster Perpetual this year? How fun (and sentimental and endearing) would it be to buy her a necklace in a matching color? 

Browse the Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra Collection here

Buy the Pure Alhambra Pendant in White for $3,350 here.

Buy the yellow gold and black onyx Vintage Alhambra for $2,540 here.


rolex watch rolls

Here’s the thing, if you buy something super nice for her, she is going to be much more OK with you buying something super nice for yourself as well. If you’re a watch guy, treat yourself to one of Everest’s leather or cork watch rolls. They are incredibly high-quality, gorgeous, and the perfect accessory for a watch owner.

Check out these and many more accessories for your watches here. In the market for a new Swiss-Made strap for your Rolex, Panerai, or Tudor watch? We have plenty of those for you as well. And just like everything else on this gift guide, Everest products have been fully-vetted, earning almost 2,500 5-star reviews.

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