What’s Going to Happen to the Tudor Heritage Chrono?

Tudor Heritage Chrono

Despite receiving quite a bit of attention during the years following its initial release, the Tudor Heritage Chrono has largely become the forgotten model from the brand’s current catalog. Although it is a vintage-inspired sports watch, the Heritage Chrono isn’t part of the Black Bay lineup, and while the Black Bay range has consistently seen various updates and new additions each year, the Heritage Chrono has remained largely neglected for nearly a decade. So, what’s going to happen to the Tudor Heritage Chrono?

Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue

Why the Tudor Heritage Chrono Is Due for an Update

Originally launched in 2010, the Tudor Heritage Chrono was among the very first of the brand’s vintage-inspired models, beating the Black Bay to market by a full two years. Although it is one of the veterans within Tudor’s current lineup, the last update to occur to the Heritage Chrono was way back in 2013, when the brand added a blue version to the collection. 

Although nine years isn’t all that long (especially when it comes to luxury watches), 2013 was also the same year that Tudor returned to the United States. When you consider that the Heritage Chrono hasn’t had an update since Tudor resumed selling watches to the American market, the model suddenly begins to look seriously overdue for some attention. 

Additionally, after going this long without a refresh, the Tudor Heritage Chrono seems slightly outdated compared to many of its siblings. A number of Tudor watches now feature in-house calibers and the brand even has an in-house chronograph movement, which is used inside the Black Bay Chrono. However, the Tudor Heritage Chrono still relies on an ETA 2892 with an additional module attached to it. While there is nothing wrong with this type of movement, it does make the watch seem a bit dated compared to the other chronograph models in Tudor’s contemporary lineup. 

Tudor Heritage Chrono Black

What Might Be Next for the Tudor Heritage Chrono

The aesthetics of the Tudor Heritage Chrono are intended to be vintage-inspired, but the movement powering the watch is not supposed to be the thing that makes it feel old. Therefore, one possibility is that Tudor will choose to keep the Heritage Chrono largely the same from a visual standpoint, but update it with the in-house Cal. MT5813 movement that is used to power the various Black Bay Chrono models.

Alternatively, Tudor might choose to simply discontinue the Heritage Chrono altogether. The brand already has a vintage-inspired chronograph within the Black Bay collection, and while these two models have very different appearances, they do occupy similar overall roles within Tudor’s current catalog. Given that the Heritage Chrono has been around for more than a decade, seeing it retired from the catalog would hardly be all that much of a surprise. 

Regardless of how you may feel about the Tudor Heritage Chrono, it is undeniable that the watch seems overdue for some attention from the brand. With pops of bright orange and an unmistakably retro aesthetic, the Heritage Chrono truly stands out among Tudor’s various watches. However, this vintage-inspired chronograph is now old-news, and I can’t help but think that it will either be updated or discontinued in the near future.

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*All images courtesy of Tudor

Tudor Heritage Chrono Stainless Steel Bracelet Blue Bezel

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