We Can’t Stop Thinking About These Gorgeous Meteorite Dials

We Can’t Stop Thinking About These Gorgeous Meteorite Dials
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rolex daytona with meteorite dial

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There’s just something special about watch materials that come from the heavens. Most of us aren’t Elon Musk, and consequently, most of us won’t ever get to venture into space (we apologize preemptively to our precious Omega Speedys.) In fact, the closest most of us will ever get is wearing something from space on our wrists. Enter: the meteorite dial. Several brands have made dials and subdials from this mysterious material, and we love the way it looks. Introducing a little bit of celestial magic into our terrestrial lives? Yes please.

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The First Rolex Daytona With Meteorite Dial 

It’s true, you never forget your first…Rolex with a meteorite dial. We were definitely seeing stars in the 80s and 90s when Rolex first used a meteorite to formulate a dial for the Rolex Daytona. In a way, the combination is intuitive. People who love Daytonas generally love super-fast vehicles -- including, we’re guessing, rocket ships. And for racing fans who aren’t going to find a second career as an astronaut, this is the closest they can get to hurtling 25,000 mph towards the edge of our atmosphere. There’s some debate about the date of the first Rolex with a meteorite dial, but it’s a material Rolex has returned to again and again over the years. 

omega meteorite dial

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The Omega Speedmaster “Gray Side of The Moon” Meteorite Dial 

We definitely should have seen this one coming. Omega leans on its connection to space without reservation, so it was only a matter of time before a celestial material made its way onto a Speedy dial. This dark gray meteorite dial creates almost a PVD or blacked-out effect on the watch, which features a gray ceramic case and a red-gold bezel. Is that the music of the spheres we hear? Probably, because this gorgeous take on a meteorite dial has a visual harmony that just doesn't stop. Superb.

That Moonphase Complication on the Rolex Cellini 

rolex cellini moonphase

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Ok, so it’s not technically a full meteorite dial, but the pebbled, multifaceted gray pattern makes for the perfect material to represent our constant satellite. Hung in a deep blue enamel starry sky next to a warm Everose ® gold case and a brown leather strap, it shimmers in a truly mesmerizing way. As is often the case with Rolex, the Cellini Moonphase elevates the classic dress watch to new heights… new heights that are approximately 238,900 miles beyond Earth’s atmosphere. 

rolex gmt meteorite dial

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The Unexpected “Space Pepsi” Meteorite GMT Master II 

Before we saw the GMT-Master II with a meteorite dial, we weren’t sure how well the sparkling gray dial would play with the bold red and blue bezel. As it turns out? They’re a match made in heaven… no pun intended. The meteorite dial lends an otherworldly elegance It’s the perfect watch for, oh, we don’t know, keeping track of what time it is on the moon as your third time zone. Ok, we know that’s not exactly how it works. But who’s to say there won’t be a time when our great grandkids are taking superspeed jets to the Moonbase settlement for a weekend trip. It’s probably worth investing in a meteorite GMT now to plan for that eventuality, right? 

rolex daytona with meteorite dial on rubber strap

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The New 2021 Rolex Daytona With Meteorite Dial 

Nearly every serious Rolex collector approved of this upgrade to the beloved Daytona. We also love the wide variety of options on this meteorite dial. It looks wonderful paired with Everose® gold, yellow gold, and white gold, so any metal is available to choose from. Although previous iterations of the meteorite Daytona featured red hands, the 2021 version showcases hands with black PVD highlights in the metal that matches the case metal, for a more understated but still compelling look. 

The Strap Makes The Watch 

Rolex chose an Oysterflex strap on the 2021 meteorite Daytona, and we can definitely see why. A black matte Elastomer strap provides a velvety background for a precious metal Rolex with an unexpected dial. If you love the look of precious metal on matte rubber, consider purchasing a five-star rated rubber Everest Bands watch strap. Preserve your bracelet and highlight the beauty of your Rolex all at the same time. We carefully craft an aftermarket strap that is truly… out of this world. 


Written by: Meghan Clark


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