W & W 2021: Three Rolex watches we love and one we are wondering about

W & W 2021: Three Rolex watches we love and one we are wondering about

After months of waiting we were so excited for today. We may not have gotten “the call” from our Authorized Rolex Dealer for that Daytona just yet, but we did get to see what Rolex and Tudor are now offering (and discontinuing) in 2021. We are always honest with you, our reader and customer, and despite being huge Rolex and Tudor fans, it is somewhat surprising that we weren’t as happy with all of the releases from our favorite two brands. We decided to compile three watches that we want and one that we wonder what Rolex (or Tudor) was thinking.

Why don’t we start with what we love, and that would be that Batman got his cape back. You heard it from us yesterday that Rolex might be releasing the GMT Master II on an Oyster bracelet again. We were overjoyed to see that our friends on the web were right about that. Also, as a major bonus, you can get the Pepsi GMT also on an Oyster bracelet. Just seems like a smart and popular move by the guys and gals at Rolex.

Rolex GMT Master II BLNR Ceramic

Second, Tudor absolutely nailed the release of its latest chronograph. Less than a week ago, we wrote an entire article about the joy of early tudor chronographs and how Tudor chronographs are excellent substitutes to a Daytona. Now we are feeling that they may actually give them a run for their money. The new slimmer and reworked Tudor Chrono is an absolute vintage inspired masterpiece. Run, don't walk to your Tudor dealer to put your name on the list.

Tudor Chrono 2021

Third, we are pretty hot on the Rolex Explorer 36mm two-tone. This combination of size, class and durability makes it an all around “one watch” collection. The reference number is 124273, and uses the newly released 2020 caliber 3230 to power it. The watch is so damn cool looking, it pretty much makes us a two-tone fan even if we weren’t really one to start. One last super cool point is that it must be a throwback to the roots of Rolex’s history because it is the same size that was worn by Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary when they climbed Mt. Everest in 1953. At $10,800 these will be seriously seeing higher numbers on the grey market, so if you “get the call” jump on it.


Now it is time to take the bad with the good. With so many other great releases to choose from, there are few that we are just Watching and Wondering (see what I did there?) why Rolex or Tudor would have come out with these references. One particular watch from Rolex that makes us go, “hmmmmm?” Is the new 36mm Datejust “Palm” dial done in an olive green color. There are three bezel and bracelet variants but none really look all that good. The watch seems like it is inspired by a bathroom wallpaper that I once saw in a seedy south Florida motel. Maybe there are some Rolex buyers that will find this amazing - but this guy just can’t pull out the CC for this one. One other “hmmm” moment came when we realized that the new “taupe” Tudor Black Bay came in silver, and the new green black bay came in 18k gold (with no bracelet option). In our opinion, if either of these came on stainless steel they’d be instant winners.

Rolex datejust palm

In 2020 we did a very detailed review of what was released. We plan to do the same this year so expect a full rundown of each new variant and what references were dropped from Rolex’s lineup. We will keep you informed and up to date when you plan your next watch purchase in 2021. 

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