Watch Straps And Accessories: The Green Edit

a rolex watch with green bezel next to a green leather watch pouch and green rubber watch strap

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.” – Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Why are we all so drawn to green? What is it about this perfect blend of blue and yellow that makes us feel calm, healthy, and successful? A universally loved color, green is the color of nature, and is often associated with health, weath, growth and renewal. Green means go, green means to move forward, green is the color of money and guacamole. If we want to be healthier in our diet, we eat more greens, and if we want our planet healthier, we go green.

green rolex watch next to a green leather watch pouch and a green rubber watch band

According to a study by the National Institute of Health (NIH), having access to green views and green spaces in and around the home are associated with a lower risk of anxiety and depression. Having visual access to green spaces actually was proven to improve a populations’ overall mental health. 

So whether you call it green, verde, grün, vert, or 绿色, green is a color that always makes you feel good. Green is also a popular color in the watch world. Probably the most iconic green seen in the watch world is that of the famous Rolex box. Recently in the last few years we have seen so many green new releases as well, from the Rolex “Starbucks” and “Palm Dial” Datejust,  to the green dialed Pateks, Tudors, and Audemars Piguets all released very recently. At Everest, we find our green accessories are by far the most popular color as well, only increasing in popularity as more and more watches go green.

Let's take a moment to look at some of the best green watch accessories, green straps, and green looks from Everest. 

Green Leather Watch Pouch

green watch pouch with green hulk on top

The Rolex Submariner with green dial looks stunning next to the green leather watch pouch.

green leather watch pouch in a mans hand with everest branded logo front
The Crown Green leather watch pouch is one of Everest's most popular items. Very reminiscent of the Rolex green box, many watch lovers opt for this gorgeous and lush color of leather. It not only looks amazing, but it smells amazing too. Inside the pouch is a microfiber-covered, flexible disk that keeps your watch from scratching itself in transit and allows for you to easily slide your watch in and out of the pouch. The thick, padded, Italian Nappa leather keeps your watch safe and secure during travel and transit. The snap closure is fully covered by Swiss microfiber to make sure there will be absolutely no scratches on your watch. 

This watch pouch has earned nothing but 5 star reviews, with the most recent here from Jorge I. who wrote:

"Superb. Beautiful pouch.very soft supple leather. Excellent quality. Fast shipping. Superb experience all the way around. Will definitely be making more purchases in the near future."

green leather watch pouch next to a rolex on the flexible microfiber diskThe flexible disk, covered in Swiss microfiber keeps the watch from scratching itself during transit. Shop Green Leather Pouches

Green Rubber Watch Straps- Tang Buckle

Everest makes gorgeous green rubber straps for several models of Rolex watches such as the Rolex Daytona, Submariner, GMT Master, GMT Master I and Master II, Rolex Sea-Dweller, Rolex Explorer I, Yacht-Master, Milgauss, Air-King, and more.

The most popular watch model to adorn a green rubber strap are the Rolex Submariner Hulk, Reference 116610LV, as the green strap is a perfect match for this watch. Runner ups include the Rolex Milgauss, as its classic green tinted dial complements the green strap perfectly, and the Rolex Air-King as the green rubber strap makes that iconic green hand pop. More recently we have seen a lot of GMT Master II owners (reference 116710) add a green strap to their collection as well, to complement that gorgeous green GMT hand. A green rubber strap, with a tang buckle truly looks amazing on every watch and makes wearing your watch incredibly comfortable. Let's take a look at some drool-worthy photos below!

rolex hulk watch on a green rubber strap on a wrist in a mans jeans pocket

green rubber strap on black submariner

rolex submariner hulk on a green rubber strap

rolex explorer 1 watch on green rubber strap

rolex milguass watch on a green rubber strap in the snow

Green Rubber Watch Straps- deployant clasp

green rubber deployant strap on a rolex watch next to rolex box

One really interesting feature about Everest bands and Everest watch straps is that they don't just come in a tang buckle version. Everest also makes an aftermarket strap for Rolex watches that utilizes your existing Rolex deployant clasp. This gives such a cool, custom, and unique look for your watch and really allows the essence of your Rolex to shine through. Plus, everyone loves the Rolex glidelock clasp. That paired with the insane comfort of a rubber strap is a perfect match.

rolex on a green rubber deployant strap with a pocket knife next to it

A green rubber deployant band looks amazing on the Rolex Explorer I.

rolex airking watch on green rubber deployant strap on mans wrist

 green rubber strap with rolex deployant strap on a mans wrist

Notice how the rubber watch band is perfectly integrated with the Rolex deployant clasp, giving a bespoke, custom, and very cool look and feel. Picking the right size of deployant strap is key, and Everest offers many sizes to accomodate most wrists. Simply count your bracelet links which correspond perfectly to Everest sizes of 4, 5, or 6 links on each side. For example, if your bracelet is 4 links by 6 links, you would wear a size 4x6.

Green Leather Watch Roll

The last item on our green edit list is the Crown green Watch Roll. Gorgeous, lush, rich, and indeed very green this watch roll is truly special. Made from Italian Nappa leather, hand-stiched with a French painted edge, and lined with ridiculously soft microfiber, the Everest green watch roll is spectacular.

green leather watch roll with 3 watches inside

It comes in 4 different sizes accomodating 1 watch, 2 watches, 3 watches, or 4 watches. Like all of Everest's watch rolls, it has a flat bottom to keep it from rolling around, sliding floating and compressible pillows that keep your watches safe and clean, and a secure snap closure. They fit perfectly into suitcases, safes, and look amazing on dressers and nightstands. Let's enjoy some photos!

green leather watch roll with 1 watch inside flowers in the background

 all sizes of green leather watch rolls, closed and on a table

green leather roll with 3 watches inside on a white table

Earning over 100 5-star reviews, this watch roll is a must have. The most recent review, coming in yesterday was from a customer named Marco who wrote: 

"Crown green 3 slots - wow, wow.
It worth all the money paid. The holders have the right consistence without being too hard, the finishing is absolutely top level and the design clever! Not sure it will be the last one..."

Which of these green watch straps or accessories are you hoping to add to your collection? Don't be green with envy, just head on over to the Everest website to pick out your favorite green straps and accessories and improve your quality of life, and the life of your watch. They say it ain't easy being green, but we respectfully disagree. Explore Everest.

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