Watch Spotting In Movies And Television

Watch Spotting In Movies And Television

Well, 2021 is here and we still don’t have a ton of new released movies or television to watch. We don’t know about you guys and gals but we’ve been going back and watching shows perhaps we missed out on the first time around or simply re-watching the favorites. In doing so, our Everest team has found a couple of gems from Hollywood, any watch lover would appreciate. 

Wonder Woman 1984


Like we said, there really weren't a ton of movies to come out during 2020 and rightfully so, as most theaters have been closed. HBO Max subscribers got quite the Christmas gift this year when Wonder Woman 1984 was released on Christmas Day to stream all you want. The highly anticipated sequel was not too shabby and got us excited for more superhero flicks. When watching the movie, you’ll see a familiar face return, Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine. Without spoiling any details, his character who’s time traveled in a sense, needs to dress like he’s in...1984. So they donn him with a black polyester track suit and give him the trendy Casio A168WA-1.


It fits the character and timeline perfectly because of its unique 80’s look. If you were a kid in the 80’s, you probably had one of these or wanted one! The small Casio digital watch was perfect for a lot of wrist sizes and super fun to play around with the functions at the time. Beware of the hair pulling bracelet though! The movie also features the pocket watch Steve gave to Wonder Woman in the first movie. If you really admire the look of this watch, don’t fret, you can pick one up exactly like it for under 20 bucks!

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If you like drama, money, scandal, with whole lotta business in the mix, you’ll probably love the HBO Series Succession. The series follows Logan Roy and his family which resemble the Rupert Murdoch family quite a bit. Its second season was released in 2019 but we never caught on when it was playing then. Instead, we binged the entire 2 seasons while on Holiday break. If you love luxury watches, this is no doubt the show for you. Just in the first episode alone we see one of the main characters give Logan Roy a Patek Philippe as a way to win over his future father in law, it does NOT go as planned. 


Another main character and son of the business tycoon Logan Roy, Roman (played by Kieran Culkin), wears an understated Rolex Datejust throughout the series. Roman’s character is all over the place so it's quite surprising to see him wear a smooth bezel champagne or silver dial Rolex Datejust throughout the entire series but we’re not complaining. Along with those, throughout the series we also get glimpses of Breguet, Cartier, and Jaeger Le Coultre. 

We think this luxury watch family could do with a high quality leather watch portfolio to keep all their Rolex and Patek timepieces safe and scratch free while they are traveling the globe hunting their next victim. Our Everest Watch Portfolio is the perfect choice, check them out here!


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