Curved End Leather Watch Bands - A Wardrobe Essential

leather watch band for rolex submariner

Everest Bands has really been focusing on expanding our curved end leather watch band options! In the last few months, we’ve released 5 new color combinations including: chestnut crown, chocolate brown, black with contrast stitch, black alligator embossed, and brown alligator embossed.

 watch strap for rolex submariner leather

Why? Because we want to give you options! We want you to be able to customize your Rolex with your favorite look. The vintage classic look is swamping the men’s fashion world right now. As Men’s Fashion Magazine notes:

"There’s a sense of authenticity when it comes to wearing watches, a ‘blast from the past’ as it were. You’re setting a trend, a vintage, stylish trend and when your sleeves are rolled up or your jumper hugs under the watch people will see that style."

Any watch can go with your outfit, but a watch band makes the combination shine. By adding a leather watch band to your watch, it gives new life to your look.

blue leather watch band for rolex deployant clasp

A watch is a wardrobe essential; a watch band is the accessory that completes your outfit. Complement your  watch with your personal sense of style by easily swapping it for a leather watch band. Now, not just any watch band will do - you need a curved end. But, what is the big hype about a curved end watch band?

Curved end watch bands mean the strap is curved to meet the watch case as if it came from the watch manufacturer itself. It does mean that there are precise fitment measurements, but it's completely worth it. It removes the gap between watch case and watch band that can collect dust, dirt, grime, skin cells, etc. Additionally, it removes the fear that your watch band will snag on something and rip off your wrist, taking your timepiece worth thousands of dollars with it. Convinced yet? Curved end watch bands are seamless.

leather submariner rolex watch belt

With Everest’s curved end leather watch bands, you will find a top quality watch band made in Switzerland by leading experts in the watch band industry. The leather material is chosen from top tanneries in Italy and the strap is finished in a traditional French style, creating a perfected design for your watch accessory to complete your personal style.

The strap is available in traditional leather styles you can’t go wrong with including brown, black and dark blue. There are also vintage options that provide a more weathered look: the black with contrast stitch, saddle tan, chocolate brown and chestnut brown. But if your motto is overdressed is best, choose from our exclusive alligator embossed options (available in black and brown).

Still need convincing? Check out our Instagram @everestbands for endless combinations and styles 👍

rolex sub watch strap leather

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