Two things we'd like to see with Tudor in 2022

Two things we'd like to see with Tudor in 2022

Tudor continues to surprise us. The FXD? That was a sweet revelation in that they did not just scale down the Pelagos and instead offered a design based on the real needs of the French Navy. The result was something completely different yet reports from our colleagues confirm that in real life it is a very wearable design that looks great in person. Unless you have an aversion to fabric straps, this could be the Tudor sport watch for you.

Photo from WatchUSeek

No one predicted Black Bay models in silver or ceramic, yet both of these models appear to be winning over early skeptics and continuing to show that Tudor is willing to push the envelope and experiment with case materials. Since you can’t really get any Rolex models, we’ve stated this before, now may be a great time to focus on Tudor while we all patiently wait out where the state of Rolex availability may land. Like most things in life, the mantra “this soon shall pass” is probably true for the lack of ability to walk into an authorized dealer and purchase the Rolex you want.

Photo by Time and Watches

So instead of feeling sorry for yourself, as a collector this is an opportunity to try a new brand, one that is cut from the same cloth of Rolex. I’m not going to pretend that Tudor is the same quality as Rolex, but the key measures of quality are up there including how the crown and bezels operate. I love the overall feel of my Black Bay 58.

Photo by Isochrono

I’m not going to even make an actual attempt to predict what Tudor is going to do next, but let’s jump on the wishlist bandwagon and declare what we’d like to see and let the Tudor pleasantly surprise us again.

The first wish is simple: More models with on-the-fly adjustable clasps. The Black Bay 58 Bronze has one and our own MONTA bracelets have very good adjustable clasps. The mechanism for this is relatively simple in terms of engineering and Tudor already has a very strong entry in the marketplace, so let’s see this more.

Number two on my wishlist is more refinement in the Datejust competition category. The Datejust is perhaps one of the best all-arounders of all time, a one watch and call it day model that truly looks appropriate for all life occasions. If you happen to get invited to a true black tie event then you can simply not wear a watch for an evening. Follow the etiquette that not wearing a watch at such a formal occasion indicates that you do not have someplace else to be. 

Photo by Hodinkee Shop

We’ve seen Tudor attempt to create entries in this category in its Glamour and Royal lines, but we haven’t witnessed the company emerge with a runaway hit that’s embraced by watch enthusiasts and the general public. I believe Tudor can dig into its design past and revive the Prince Oysterdate lineup with a modern update.

What's on your wishlist for Tudor?

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