Two Non-Hype Watches That Are Still Classics

Two Non-Hype Watches That Are Still Classics

So maybe you are new to the watch scene and are ready to dive in and purchase one of the classics. Tried-and-true designs that will be held in high regard now and well into the future. You have the funds for a Submariner or another Rolex classic, but obtaining one means paying far more than retail on the gray market.

With sneakers, when the hype hit many years ago, I simply sidestepped the madness. I didn’t want to refresh the Nike release app hoping to make it into the queue for a Jordan reissue. The truth is so many great sneakers are available just by walking into a Footlocker anywhere. Air Max 90s, Air Force 1s and other newer classics such as the Air Max 270 are ready to buy and wear. I understand if collecting the harder-to-get releases is your passion, but for most folks the best sneakers are easy to get.


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It’s similar to watches. There are so many great watches that aren’t Rolex steel sports watches. For instance, the Omega Planet Ocean series is one of my favorites that has by now earned a place in the classic status arena. It has its own look and to me is better looking than the Seamaster 300 line, a great watch if you are OK with the skeleton hands and five-link bracelet. 

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The downside to the modern Planet Ocean series is it’s a tall watch, so it’s for people who wear shirts with cuffs on a regular basis. Otherwise, the newer versions feature a Co-Axial movement, ceramic bezel and a dial and handset combination that has a lot of dimension. In short, it’s recognizable as a “nice watch” by the general public. Pre-owned prices for the Planet Ocean, which range from 45 to 37mm in case size, are an excellent value. If you prefer a thinner case, the 2500 series with an aluminum bezel insert is an option with a less glossy overall appearance. 

Colorwise, I’d go blue as Omega does a very dark shade that matches well with a variety of outfits. My second choice would be the orange bezel, as it’s a very striking look and one of the signature color combinations within the PO series.

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If you are seeking a dressier watch, check out the Cartier Santos medium. This watch offers the classic Cartier look (with a white dial, Roman numerals and blue sword hands) and has a cool quick change strap system that allows you to switch easily between the steel bracelet and leather strap. Personally, I believe the bracelet is the best match for this particular model. Priced at just over $6K you can get this one from an authorized dealer immediately.

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The medium Santos is 35mm in case width and has more wrist presence than what one might assume based on dimensions alone. This model is the perfect style for those who think of themselves as less sporty and more refined. 

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I understand that you might have your heart set on a Rolex, but these two options would be on my wish list even back when you could walk into an authorized dealer and buy a Hulk right out of the case.

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