Tudor's Other 'Halo' Watch: The Black Bay Chrono 'Pink' (Live Pics)

Tudor's Other 'Halo' Watch: The Black Bay Chrono 'Pink' (Live Pics)

Almost two weeks ago, I wrote an article called Why Did Tudor Make A Gold Black Bay 58? In it I discussed Tudor’s recent 18k gold Black Bay 58 release (now available on a matching solid gold bracelet) and its role as a ‘halo product’ in Tudor’s catalog. The watch retails for $32,100, occupying a different price tier than all other Tudor watches. It’s positioned as an aspirational piece within The Shield’s collection, one that will ostensibly draw attention to the brand as a whole (aka a ‘halo product’). What I didn’t mention in that article is that Tudor has another new halo product: one that’s a fraction of the cost but arguably more mythical. I gave my thoughts on this watch when it was released, but let’s revisit the Tudor Black Bay Chrono ‘Pink’, focusing on its availability and positioning.

The Black Bay Chrono ‘Pink’ Availability

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink

When Tudor shocked the watch world with this release days before Watches and Wonders 2024, they mentioned that, “The Black Bay Chrono “Pink” might not be for everyone, and that’s OK because few of them will ever be made”. This is not a regular production watch; it’s not listed in Tudor’s catalog or on their website. While exact numbers are unknown, The Black Bay Chrono ‘Pink’ will undoubtedly be very rare.

Our colleague got some hands-on time with the Black Bay Chrono ‘Pink’ at Watches and Wonders, providing us with these lovely pictures. He mentioned that, during his time with Tudor, he saw just two Pink BB Chronos: one of which being on the EVP of Tudor’s wrist. Needless to say, it was a hot commodity at the booth, and in a room full of new releases, people were pining to see the pink-dialed version of an existing chronograph (now on 5-link with T-fit, to be fair).

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink Clasp

From what I understand, these pink chronographs have yet to ship. They’ll eventually land in the hands of select consumers, but I think it’s safe to say you won’t see too many Pink Black Bay Chronos out there. As Harrison from Chisolm Hunter states, the watch is a Unicorn.

The Black Bay Chrono ‘Pink’: Tudor’s Other Halo Watch

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink

While the Black Bay 58 18k achieves “halo” status via its aspirational pricing, the Black Bay Chrono ‘Pink’ does so with its limited availability. This watch is no more expensive than the existing Black Bay Chrono at $5,650, but will be many times harder to buy. Both of Tudor's so-called "halo" products boast inaccessibility akin to the brand's older brother, but do so as novelties. Aside from these two models – the Pink Chrono and BB58 18k – Tudor is an accessible luxury brand in terms of both pricing and availability. Most Tudors fall under the $5,000 mark, and if your local boutique doesn’t have a particular watch, they can probably get it to you fairly quickly. 

In the same way that I understand and accept the gold Black Bay 58's pricing as a halo product, I understand and accept the Pink BB Chrono’s availability (or lack thereof) as a halo product. Both of these releases will be difficult to obtain for most Tudor customers, but thrive in their roles as aspirational, top-of-the-line offerings from the brand. As someone who doesn’t expect to own either, I’m excited by the existence of both. 

Final Thoughts

Black Bay Monochrome and Chrono Pink

The Black Bay Chrono ‘Pink’ can certainly be described as a halo product alongside the gold BB58, perhaps even more so. Its limited availability may be frustrating for buyers on the cusp of an allocation, but for me, it frankly adds to the allure. I like the idea of Tudor producing limited and premier offerings so long as their core pricing and availability remain the same. In other words, if limited-production models like the Black Bay Chrono 'Pink' remain as rare as the watch itself, I'm on board.

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