Tudor Is Backing A Professional Cycling Team, And It Is Kinda Cool.

Tudor Is Backing A Professional Cycling Team, And It Is Kinda Cool.

Let me say that I love Lady Gaga. She is frankly a goddess, and her music plays consistently in my personal playlists. However, her as a brand ambassador for Tudor doesn’t make a whole ton of sense. She is a ground breaking, all encompassing super singer that breaks the barriers between all types of people while Tudor is a Swiss watch brand that focuses on luxury, class and heritage. Not really seeing the connection between them. However, the marketing department at Tudor did just crush it with their latest ambassador collaboration.

Tudor is supporting a professional cycling team that is led by a Swiss national named Fabian Cancellara. Cancellara is a legend in the cycling world that has countless titles, two Olympic medals and straight up crushes it all the time. Next to Roger Federer (who Rolex scooped up years ago as a brand ambassador), this guy is the perfect person to exemplify what Tudor is doing in the watch world with its classic designs and frankly impressive quality and precision. Cycling is a timed sport that requires precision, technology and expertise. The match between watch making and professional cycling really makes sense in my eyes. However, to top it off, the team is being led by a Swiss citizen that is from Bern, c’mon - they nailed it.

Here is what is on Tudor’s Website about the collaboration:

It’s Time To Dare. It’s Time To Lead. It’s Time To Win.”

"The sleek black jerseys of The TUDOR Pro Cycling Team will be adorned with simple red TUDOR shields on front and back. The focus will be on the athletes, their pursuit of success, and the road that lies ahead of them. Likewise, the team’s equipment will be based on the expertise of Swiss cycling companies, including the team’s main technical partner, BMC premium bikes. There will be no mistaking who this team is and who they ride for. 

From there, the team will apply and gear up for the 2023 UCI ProTeam season with the goal of qualifying for the world’s most famous and prestigious races by the 2024 season. The TUDOR Pro Cycling Team will also maintain a development structure for scouting and developing the next generation of cyclists.”

I am really looking forward to seeing this team compete on the world professional cycling circuit with Tudor’s crest on their jerseys. This type of brand ambassador makes so much sense to me and the fact that they also connected a Swiss national to the team makes it even better. Good luck to Tudor’s pro cycling team in the future!

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