Tudor? Baselworld. Baselworld? Tudor.

baselworld tudor predictions

A few hours ago, Tudor dropped the photo below on Instagram.

2016 baselworld tudor unveiling

That followed the one they dropped yesterday.

baselworld predictions

(Image credit: Tudor Watch)

Ya think something’s going on with Rolex Junior? Or maybe I shouldn’t be calling them Rolex Junior. They’re acting more like the little brother who got lost on a camping trip and was raised by wolves, and now he’s back to stake his claim.

We know of Tudor’s storied history with military watches, and with affordable watches that were near clones of the parent.

And it’s no secret that the brand has been flexing its muscles after it moved out of its parents’ basement a few years ago. Witness the Heritage line, the return of the Ranger, and the new in-house movement powering the Pelagos. Even setting a record of sorts with the sale of the Heritage Black Bay One at OnlyWatch last fall.

So what does Tudor have in store for Baselworld next week? What clue do those beautifully contrasting machined surfaces in the photo above hold?

Well, if I were you, I’d keep an eye on their Instagram account, and watch the Baselworld press page on the 16th. Heck, if you want to get your adrenalin pumping, watch their Instagram feed all week.

You might just be high and weak in the knees by Wednesday.

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