Travel Light, Travel Right with the Everest Watch Portfolio

Travel Light, Travel Right with the Everest Watch Portfolio

It’s spring, and we’re gearing up to travel for spring break with Everest Bands favorite watch accessory, the watch portfolio. There are multiple reasons why this is a must have for any watch enthusiast. But, don’t just let our words convince you this is a top priority to add to your collection. #watchfam share their thoughts on this one-of-a-kind accessory as well. And, finish off learning about this Swiss-Made watch accessory with a review by Wound Up. 

rolex daytona on everest watch portfolio

You have a special travel bag for everything, right? A ditty bag, packing squares or a cosmetic bag? So what do you have for your watch collections? The first reason we are in love is every item has its place. There are three removable watch pouches for any daily adventures as well as eight elastic straps that hold your four Swiss-made Everest Bands perfectly in their place. And, four elastic straps keep your tools to customize your timepieces. There is also a section on the pouch that allows for you to swap out your bracelet or watch band at any time. 

everest watch portfolio

An added bonus is the portfolio has a small profile, so it’s easy to pack. And, you’re definitely going to want to put this in your bag - whether you slide it into your backpack carry on or put it in your checked bag. But, really why would you travel with your watch collection, - all your timepieces, watch bands and tools, for what purpose? You may be wondering, wouldn’t you want to travel lighter with just one timepiece on your wrist? Nah, and here’s why!

everest watch portfolio open

 It’s all about accessorizing for the right occasion. Everest leather and rubber watch bands allow you to customize your look to really make a statement when you walk in a room. You want to wow. The Everest watch portfolio allows you to be able to style the right way for the right occasion. You never know when you decide to check out a famous 5-star restaurant or hop in the pool for a quick swim and “me time” on a business trip. You need to be ready to make a last minute swap. 

You may be strapping on your favorite rubber watch band or wanting to swap it for a more classy steel end link leather option. And, we know you will always want to bring all your favorite timepieces like your Rolex Ceramic GMT and Rolex Submariner, wherever you’re off to this year, so the only way to travel is with the Everest watch portfolio. It’s all about the accessories.

everest watch portfolio

The #watchfam share their experiences and opinions on the Everest Bands watch portfolio:

Steven says: “Bought this just a few days ago for the 3 watches I own and it’s probably the best decision I’ve made!! I love to change the straps on my watches and needed storage too so this is perfect!! Amazing quality as are all Everest products that I’ve purchased in the past! I highly recommend for anyone with a 3 watch collection👍🏼”

Simon C. says “Love it!” 

Manuel P. gives a shout out “Best quality!”

If you’re still not ready to travel right, travel light, check out Wound Up’s thorough review of the Everest Bands watch portfolio below: 

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