Top 5 Leather Strap Looks for Fall Based on 2020 Fall Color Trends

Top 5 Leather Strap Looks for Fall Based on 2020 Fall Color Trends

As seasons change and the weather cools, we pull out new outfits which definitely require new accessories. With the leaves changing, your watch strap needs changing. Fall calls for warmer colors, but we’re seeing some fun ones too. Join us as we explore these five great leather watch bands this fall.

Black Alligator Embossed Leather

Black is the new black as fashion experts predict for this fall, so what better pairing for a high end fashion trend than our high end black alligator embossed leather watch band with our patented steel end links. This is definitely the contender for keeping the essence of a Rolex. The beautifully crafted Italian leather paired with Everest’s steel end links designed to perfectly fit the case of your Rolex is the solution for your new fall wardrobe. We also offer the black alligator embossed leather watch band in a curved end design.

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Chocolate Brown Leather

Another trending color this year is, interestingly enough, almond milk. There’s no better combination than milk and chocolate chip cookies, so pair up your almond milk sweater with a chocolate brown leather watch band. The Everest chocolate brown curved end leather watch band for your Submariner is the perfect soft compliment to your new fall attire. This combination belongs at a fall bonfire or a beautiful walk outside in this perfect autumn weather. Strap up your Rolex or Tudor watch with this Swiss-Made watch band in chocolate brown. 

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Chestnut Brown Leather

Our next color trend in the upcoming season is blue! While we have a beautiful blue leather watch band option, we opted for the chestnut brown leather on our BLNR to compliment every shade of blue you rock. The chestnut color has a vintage appearance that is soothing. This leather watch band color is available for Rolex sports models, Tudor and Panerai models. As you can see below, it pairs very nicely with the Tudor Heritage Black Bay and denim. 

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Steel End Link Tan Leather Watch Band

The final strap color that is highly trending this fall is tan. It is time for the tan leather watch band with steel end links (or you can choose curved end leather watch band depending on your style). Tan is the perfect color match for your military olive  (another popular color this fall according to the runways). We went with the steel end link option personally for a flashier look to catch others’ eyes to admire your very beautiful Swiss watch. The curved end tan leather watch band is available for Panerai and Tudor as well.

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Racing Black Leather with Red Stitch

As we race into a new season, what better time than to strap up with a unique combination. The Everest racing straps offer the perfect sporty look while you stay active with all the great fall activities like hiking, camping, etc. And as a red wine color is anticipated to be a highly trendy color as well this fall in 2020, we have to go with the red stitching. The watch band matches especially well with the Rolex Ceramic Daytona.

leather watch bandsAll of these leather watch bands will fit perfectly with your Rolex. We also offer many other color options for your Tudor watch and for your Panerai watch. So with all of these great Everest leather watch bands, you can jump into fall 2020 with a confident new look. Customize your Rolex this fall and drop a comment below with what you are rocking. 

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  • Jerry Phung

    I have a Daytona gold watch with white face. My brown leather strip is giving way. Pls recommend me a replacement. Thank you

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