Top 3 Rolex Looks to Sport This Summer

The most popular color this year - WHITE! Whether you’re looking to rock a gorgeous Explorer 2 Polar, a stunning White Dial Ceramic Daytona or easily get summer ready with a white Everest Band - check out these popping summer styles!

The Explorer 2 Polar dial is very cool on the eyes. With so many black dial Rolex models, the white dial options do tend to stand out a bit more, but the Explorer 2 with its orange GMT hand provides just enough captivation to the eye without being too overwhelming. The Explorer 2 has definitely been growing in popularity over the last few years. It's a versatile piece that loans to casual and dress wear but its different, classy, sharp and functional and a huge hit this summer. It definitely rocks a modern flare with a vintage vibe. We can’t wait until the Explorer 2 Everest Bands release later this year - super excited to see how the orange rubber will look with the orange GMT hand.

The Ceramic Daytona with a White Dial has caught the attention of many the last few years since it was released in 2016. The new Daytona is an object of desire because even though the ceramic bezel was available on rose gold models, it had yet to be unveiled on the steel model. The elegant combination of white and black with a ceramic bezel at a more available price point than the higher-margin gold models, as well as it being a Daytona which has long had a tradition of requiring patience, the wait list for this model was and is long. But, as time has progressed these last two years (or you’ve just been on the waitlist for that long), more are in circulation and are getting a bit easier to get your hands on. And everywhere we look, we see beautifully captured White Dial Ceramic Daytonas.

  Photo by @theblackdial

If you’re looking for an easier way to jump on this fashion trend this summer, check out Everest’s WHITE Rubber Watch Bands - offered in both the tang buckle style and the deployant style. Afraid the white won’t stay clean? Its vulcanized rubber! Which means it's incredibly durable but also incredibly easy to clean. Grab some dish soap and a soft bristle toothbrush and simply clean the band off once in a while, and the white rubber will return to its sparkly, clean look.  Check out these gorgeous shots below and on our Instagram page @everestbands. 

Photo by @youreterrific1

Photo by @youreterrific1

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